Monitor, detect and alert to potential threats with these advanced detection systems. Provides critical information and data for rapid decision-making in the face of chemical, gas, radiation and other hazard-inducing conditions. Flexible, scalable and customizable, these detection systems offer superior preventive and countermeasure solutions for first responders, law enforcement, government agencies and more.

Features & Benefits
  • State-of-the-art, 24/7 threat detection and advanced communication capabilities
  • Detects a variety of threats, including chemical warfare agents, gamma radiation, volatile organic compounds, combustible gas and more
  • Multiples systems integration and management
  • Ideal for numerous applications, including homeland security, emergency response, public events, mass transportation and perimeter monitoring
  • Wired or wireless network access
  • Delivers precise results with fewer false positives

The SAFESITE System combines state-of-the-art detection technology with advanced wireless communication capabilities to provide superior preventative and counter-measure solutions for:

  • Homeland Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Public Events
  • Building Protection
  • Mass Trasportation Centers
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Hazardous Response
  • Post Surveillance
  • Confined Space Monitoring
MSA Safesite
MSA Safesite products

SAFEMTX™ Multi-Threat Detector utilizes multi-sensing technologies to detect up to six potential threats.

Threat Technology Benefit
Chemical Warfare Agent Surface Acoustic wave(SAW) Low false positives and false alarms, differentiates nerve & blistering agents
Gamma radiation Cadmium zinc telluride(CZT) Sensitive with adjustable threshold and 2 ranges. (0-100mR/hr, 0.1 mR/hr resolution & 0-1000 mR/hr, 1 mR/hr resolution)
Volotile organic compounds Photo-ionization(PID) 10.6 eV lamp provides ppm readings for broadband toxins and VOC detection
toxic industrial chemicals electro-chemical Detects for many specific toxic gasses such as chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride
Oxygen deficiency/enrichment Electro-chemical Oxygen monitoring for confined space
Combustible gas Catylytic bead Wide range detection for hydrocarbons

The SAFECOM™ Command Center receives mission-critical information from the SAFEMTX™ Detectors and permitsthis crucial and wide-ranging data to be converted quicklyinto practical information for rapid decision-making through an uncomplicated graphical user interface. The SAFECOM CommandCenter can manage up to four systems with 16 SAFEMTX Detectors per system, integrating SAFEMTXdata, including:

  • Gas Readings
  • Relative CWA threat level
  • Radiation dose rate
  • Alarm Status
  • GPS location
  • Battery run time
  • RF signal strength
  • Fault conditions
  • SafeMTX min, max,
    and average values

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