Code 3 Z3 Siren

Code 3 Z3 Siren

Code 3 Z3 Siren Code 3

Code 3 Z3 Siren

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Full-featured siren designed to make your job safer, easier, and less stressful. 

  • Variety of button shapes and sizes are easy to find and use without taking your eyes off the road
  • Expanded load management turns off nonessential loads (i.e. flashing headlights) at predetermined levels to help extend battery life
  • Programmable features include siren lock, light alert, multiple tone choices, positive or ground switching, park kill, horn ring, and more for mission specific flexibility
  • Backlight brightness is officer-adjustable, giving you the appropriate lighting for your eyes
  • PA microphone is officer-adjustable to meet varying noise conditions
  • PA stuck mic sensor automatically returns the siren to normal function should the microphone get stuck in PA mode
  • Sleep Mode Timer shuts lights and siren off shortly after the ignition is turned off
  • Horn ring transfer allows scrolling through siren functions on the steering wheel
Code 3's Z3 Siren is designed to be easy to program, install, maintain, and use. The Z3 Siren control head is divided into three distinct zones—red, blue, and amber—for easy identification and use without taking your eyes off the road. Programmable features include siren lock, light alert, multiple tone choices, positive or ground switching, park kill, and horn ring. A built-in "Battery Voltage Check" sensor shuts down lights and sirens when voltage runs below its programmed setting. No more dead batteries after a call! Built-in Park Kill automatically turns lights and siren functions off when vehicle is put in park. This feature is also designed for positive or ground inputs so that park kill can also be activated by other inputs. The Z3 Siren is designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Design Features
  • Control head is divided into 3 distinct zones: sirens and primary lighting (red), auxiliary lighting and other equipment (blue), and traffic or warning function (yellow)
  • Pre-programmed 3-level switch with a programmable 4th position
  • 8 programmable auxiliary buttons (2 can be programmed for positive or ground switching)
  • 5 programmable siren buttons (program different tones for each one)
  • ArrowStik functions can be programmed for different flash patterns and speeds for each direction or for the warning flash pattern
  • PA microphone plugs directly into the control head, not the amplifier to eliminate a long interface cable for the microphone
  • Single cable connection to the control head
  • Intuitive Configuration Software easily loaded onto any PC using Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7
  • USB connection allows siren configurations to download to the amplifier in seconds
  • Configurations can be saved and downloaded to multiple amplifiers in minutes
  • Plugs snap quickly and firmly into place for a secure connection to the amplifier
  • Fuses are easily accessible for quick changes should one blow (control head gives visual indication of which fuse has blown)
  • Amplifier stores programming to easily swap out a bad control head
General Specifications
  • Control Head: 6.80"L x 3.30"H x 1.07"D (Switch will increase depth dimension to 1.95"D)
  • Amplifier: 9.75"L x 6.832"W x 3.936
  • Light control current load
  • 3-Level switch, 4 outputs, 50 amp maximum combined total
  • Auxiliary switches A thru D: 5 amp maximum each aux
  • Auxiliary switches E thru H: 10 amp maximum each aux
  • Total siren output capacity: 200 Watts (can drive two 100 watt speakers)
  • Operating voltage: 10-15 VDC (negative ground)
  • Operating temperature: -22F to +149F (-30C to +65C)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.
Code 3, Inc. engineers and manufactures a complete line of lighting and sound-based warning products used by professionals in emergency response, utility, service fleet, and industrial settings. Code 3® has been in business since 1974 with their primary goal to design products that enhance customer safety, including law enforcement officers, firemen, and EMT personnel, as well as all personnel in utility, DOT, and construction industries. The Code 3 team is focused on total customer satisfaction through innovative products, seamless customer service, and world-class quality. This is exemplified in their ISO 9001 certification and their Lean Six Sigma processes.\

History of Product Innovations:
  • TriCore® technology provides the brightest lighting technology on the market (Defender®)
  • PriZm™ II Dual Reflector technology provides a brighter signal for superior visibility and safety (RX 2700™ lightbar)
  • The first two-level lightbar (the MX7000™)
  • The first integrated directional lighting system (ArrowStik®)
  • LED X™ optical technology provides incredibly bright, high-visibility signals when viewed either straight on or off angle
Code 3® Emergency Lighting and Sound-Based Systems are designed for installation on emergency response vehicles such as police cars, fire apparatus, ambulances, and wreckers. This full line of lightbars, flashers, sirens, and speakers includes such well-known products as Defender®, RX 2700CC™, MX7000®, and ArrowStik®. PSE Amber™ Warning Products include a full array of products for utility vehicles, highway maintenance vehicles, industrial trucks and waste recovery vehicles. Lighting and sound-based warning devices and accessories includes lightbars, LED, strobe and halogen beacons, interior package lighting, back-up alarms, and Department of Transportation systems and spotlights, including such well-known products as TriCore® NarrowStik™, Frontier™ Mini Bar, and ArrowStik®.

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