EMI Quick-Pik 6

EMI Quick-Pik 6" Shove Knife

EMI Quick-Pik 6 EMI

EMI Quick-Pik 6" Shove Knife

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The Shove Knife - Open interior doors, residential or office doors with ease…and usually without damage.

This versatile little tool is often the quickest, easiest, and least destructive way to open locked interior doors in residences or offices with simple “key in knob” locks. The clever design lets you use the knife from either side of the door. If the door opens inward (away from you), you shove the thin, flexible Quik-Pik™ “blade” in back of the molding stop and push or slide the blade to retract the latch. For doors that open outwards (toward you), the knife is slipped in from above or below the latch point and jiggled and pulled to hook and retract the latch. A two-piece protective sleeve covers the “blade” for safety when the tool is not in use. Also used extensively in fire towers to slip spring latch locks during training exercises.

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