Foxfire Illuminating Helmet Tetrahedron, 2

Foxfire Illuminating Helmet Tetrahedron, 2", Pack of 8

Foxfire Illuminating Helmet Tetrahedron, 2 FoxFire

Foxfire Illuminating Helmet Tetrahedron, 2", Pack of 8

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Transforming the safety of firefighting. Track firefighters and increase safety in smoky or dark environments with glow in the dark tetrahedrons.

Identify your crew in total darkness and illuminate your surroundings with Foxfire illuminating tetrahedrons. Featuring a patented combination of high-output photoluminescence and extreme reflectivity, Foxfire illuminating tetrahedrons help firefighters reduce disorientation and increase visibility in darkened environments.
  • High heat durability
  • Advanced photoluminescence afterglow
  • Strong surface bonding
  • Patented design
  • Yellow color glows green
  • Available in pack of 8 only
 Three of the biggest risks faced by firefighters are disorientation, visibility and accountability (to both individuals and tools). Foxfire® illuminating products assist firefighters in facing these risks by improving positional orientation, making personnel easy to locate and illuminating search areas.

Behind the Name
Foxfire’s name was carefully selected with a purpose. The word “foxfire” conveys the bioluminescence (greenish glow) created in the right conditions by specific species of fungi that decay wood. Throughout history, these natural lanterns have been used as a source of light for Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer as they dug a tunnel; for light in an early submarine (as suggested by Benjamin Franklin); in the trenches of World War 1 by soldiers to keep them from colliding into others in the dark; by Native Americans who used them on other sides of doorways and in many other historical references. We felt it was appropriate to turn to Mother Nature for inspiration in naming Foxfire as a way of establishing a connection to life and nature.

About Foxfire
Foxfire is a flagship brand of MN8 Products. As a firefighter-owned and managed company, they understand the challenges and risks faced by firefighters. From illuminating coating (paint) kits to glow-in-the-dark helmet bands, MN8 Products’ firefighter safety products are developed and marketed under the Foxfire® brand name. The Foxfire suite of products are designed to increase the effectiveness and improve the safety of firefighters – and are all tested by firefighters in the field. Foxfire products increase firefighter safety by emitting a glow, which is brightly visible even in dark, smoke-filled rooms. The glow illuminates surroundings and serves as a light emitter, enabling firefighters to keep track of their crews in dark environments. It also assists in quickly locating dropped tools and decreases the risk of disorientation.

These revolutionary photoluminescent coatings and products provide illumination for several hours and stay visible in complete darkness for up to 17 hours. These products will charge in just a few minutes from any light source and can be recharged indefinitely. As a result, there is no need for any external battery, electrical, or energy source other than light. Every Foxfire product is designed with safety in mind, as they thoughtfully and deliberately developed products that will keep people safe. Their products have been especially effective for firefighter gear, arming firefighters with necessary visibility tools in the most difficult situations.

The Technology
During production, photoluminescence is added to the products through advanced procedures involving suspended photoluminescent crystals. Photoluminescent crystals possess the unique capacity to absorb and store energy from ambient light like a naturally occurring battery. In darkness, the pigments instantly emit a glow by releasing the stored light energy. The special production processes enable the coatings and products to glow for up to 17 hours when fully charged. And through a patented color blending capability, the photoluminescent materials are available in several bright colors.

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