Kochek Flex-Lite PVC Suction Hose, 10' Segments

Kochek Flex-Lite PVC Suction Hose, 10' Segments

Kochek Flex-Lite PVC Suction Hose, 10' Segments Kochek

Kochek Flex-Lite PVC Suction Hose, 10' Segments

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I presently have a Harrington part# HSH-60NH-10 as a part# for hard suction. What is the Kochek part equivalent The Strainer part# is HTBS-60NH


Mike, 2P601 Kochek, 10' X 6" with 6" NH-F swivel L/H X 6" NH-M


What is the max negative and positive pressure that this hose can pump?


Hi, all PVC Suction hose is to be used at a draft only, which is negative pressure, no positive pressure. If you were to connect this to a hydrant you will destroy the hose, the positive pressure of the water flowing through the hose will cause it to wear a hole in the wall of the hose in a very short period of time, rendering the hose useless/you will need to replace it. Sounds crazy but i have seen it happen with my own 2 eyes, the following are the only uses of the PVC hose; Applications: Suction side drafting Dry Hydrant Connections Trash pumps Construction and Mining Solid Material Transfer Most departments that use hydrants will have a 5 or 6 inch soft sleeve or use the old standby heavy black suction hose.