Nebulus Emergency Ice & Water Rescue Flotation Device

Nebulus Emergency Ice & Water Rescue Flotation Device

Nebulus Emergency Ice & Water Rescue Flotation Device Nebulus

Nebulus Emergency Ice & Water Rescue Flotation Device

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Inflates in seconds. Allows the First-on-Scene to initiate a rescue quickly and safely.

  • Can eliminate the need to wait for back-up in critical situations
  • Self-inflates in 30 seconds with a simple pull
  • Provides a stable platform for solo rescue on ice or water
  • Small enough to carry in the trunk of a car
  • Supports up to 3 adults plus a submerged snowmobile or ATV
  • Provides emergency life-saving capability year-round

Pull the cord. Save a life. The Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device is a compact, portable life-saving device engineered for use in ice and water rescue situations. It lets the first-on-scene responder do what he or she has never been able to do before when every second counts—safely initiate a solo rescue on ice (or open water) without having to wait for backup. It can be strapped onto a snowmobile or ATV, or carried to a rescue scene with one hand. Then it inflates in seconds, helping a rescuer reach victims quickly, and providing a stable, floating platform to pull them to safety. Fully inflated, it can support up to three adults plus a submerged snowmobile or ATV.

  1. Urethane coated nylon is tough enough to withstand severe abrasion and extreme temperatures
  2. Enough room and buoyancy to hold two rescuers and multiple victims
  3. Four attachment straps allow tethering on all sides for easier access and maximum stability when supporting a submerged vehicle
  4. A removable floor allows a victim to climb into the Nebulus from directly underneath
  5. Large side bolsters become a buffer for safer rescue of even the most panicked victims


First Responders on foot (or traveling by car): After attaching the carabiner on the Nebulus to a safety line, the rescuer can pull the yellow ripcord to begin inflation then quickly carry or drag the tethered, inflated device out to the victim. You can scoot the final distance over the weakened ice using the Nebulus to support your weight. After pulling the victim inside, the tethered Nebulus becomes a sledge to draw him to safety.

First Responder with an ATV or Snowmobile: The First Responder is able to quickly cross the ice with the Nebulus securely attached to the ATV or Snowmobile. During the approach to the victim the Nebulus serves as the responder's personal safety device should they and their vehicle break through the ice. Upon stopping a safe distance from the victim the First Responder can activate the Nebulus and approach the victim while using the ATV or snowmobile as an anchor point for the safety line that can be attached to the unit. (See related products for safety line and carabiner recommendations.) Once the victim has been safely pulled into the Nebulus the ATV or snowmobile can be used to quickly shuttle the victim back to shore.

ATV or snowmobile safety – With the Nebulus properly attached to an ATV or snowmobile, a rider can travel on frozen lakes and rivers with a greater degree of safety. When deployed, it becomes a floating rescue platform able to hold two or more people out of the water, while it keeps the tethered vehicle suspended beneath the ice. The Nebulus can potentially save the lives of the rider and passengers, and allows for easy recovery of the submerged vehicle.

Open water rescue in any weather: Though designed primarily as an ice rescue device, the Nebulus can be used year round as an emergency raft for water rescues in all climates, under virtually any conditions. It can be paddled out into open water by hand, or tethered to safety ropes on all four sides. With its exceptional buoyancy, ample room, and high-bolstered design, the Nebulus can redily accommodate two rescuers and at least as many rescued victims. The openings in the “floor” make it easier to pull a victim inside and impossible for someone to be trapped underneath. And because it’s made tough enough to be pulled over rough ice without damage, the Nebulus is more able stand up to floating debris, rocks, and fast-moving water than lighter weight rafts or inflatable boats.

“The Nebulus should be mandatory equipment on Law Enforcement and Conservation Officer patrol vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, the personal vehicles of First Responders, and recreational snowmobiles and ATVs…whenever riding on ice is possible.”
John Weinel, President NTW Associates
Inventor of the Nebulus Emergency Floatation Device.

Weight: 17 lbs (7.7 Kg)
Packed Dimensions: 17.5" x 11" x 5" (444.5 mm x 279 mm x 127 mm)
Inflated Dimensions:
Material: 400 Denier Polyurethane-coated Nylon
Inflation Method: Manually inflated by CO2 canisters via attached lanyard
Flotation Buoyancy: 1000 lbs
3-Year Warranty: The Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device is guaranteed by the manufacturer against defects for three years from the date of purchase.
Storage: Store in a clean, dry place. Periodically check the exterior for cuts or punctures. If damages are found, replace immediately.

After using: Simply deflate and return the Nebulus to the manufacturer for recharging and repacking. Just follow the instructions included with the raft to pack and ship it back to Nebulus. Your deflated unit will be carefully inspected, fitted with new CO2 canisters, and returned to you, usually within seven business days. There is a charge from the manufacturer for repacking the Nebulus and replacing the CO2 bottles. Many agencies have ordered one or more additional Nebulus units to keep in reserve.

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The Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device is a flotation system FOR TEMPORARY USE IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. The device is designed to inflate by a manual trigger. Following inflation, the device PROVIDES FLOTATION FOR THE SEMISUBMERGED ATV or SNOWMOBILE AND THREE PEOPLE ONLY for a short period of time. The flotation device is not for use as a life vest or life raft. DO NOT USE THE FLOTATION DEVICE FOR ANY PURPOSE OTHER THAN TEMPORARY FLOTATION IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. View accompanying DVD prior to use of the device.

Consider ordering an extra Nebulus unit to keep as a backup.

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