Nupla Corp Classic Industrial Shovel, Hollow Back, Round Point

Nupla Corp Classic Industrial Shovel, Hollow Back, Round Point

Nupla Corp Classic Industrial Shovel, Hollow Back, Round Point Nupla Corp.

Nupla Corp Classic Industrial Shovel, Hollow Back, Round Point

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The Industrial Shovel is for digging in hard and soft soils. Hollow back, heavy gauge steel blades for greater capacity and longer life. The overall shovel length is 58".

Why Nupla?

Patented Super Duty NUPLAGLAS® handles give you exceptional strength, safety, durability and comfort. Composite construction consists of millions of continuous, parallel fiberglass strands cured under tension in a thermosetting resin over a lightweight honeycomb core with solid fiberglass reinforcement at critical stress points.

Exceeds all federal standards
NUPLAGLAS® is an excellent dielectric material. Smooth, resin rich surface protects user from splinters, resists UV deterioration.
Does not absorb moisture, resists industrial chemicals, fire retardant. Easily cleaned of concrete, tar, etc. Unaffected by sub zero temperatures. Outlasts wood 10-to-1.
Does not conduct heat/cold, easy to handle in extreme temperature conditions. Ergonomically designed grips for comfort and stress reduction. More rigid than wood and most other fiberglass handles, reducing wasted effort.


Product Technical Data: Nuplaglas® Fiberglass
Tensile strength:
This is the characteristic strength measured in pounds required to break a sample material under tension one inch by one inch in cross-section. Nuplaglas® measures a minimum 100,000 lbs. per square inch.
Operating temperature:
Nuplaglas® can withstand continuous exposure up to a temperature of 250 degrees F without significant degradation of its strength. At a temperature of 250 degrees F the handle will begin to lose flexural and impact strength properties. However, once the handle has cooled completely, it recovers to its original strength. There is no degradation of strength at zero degrees Fahrenheit.
Burning rate:
Nuplaglas® is classed as self extinguishing. This means that although it might be forced to burn while exposed to a flame, it will not support combustion when the flame is removed.
Water absorption .02 weight change after 24 hours.
Effect of sunlight and temperature - none to slight

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