Sterling 7/16

Sterling 7/16" Tactical SuperStatic2 Rope, Black

Sterling 7/16 Sterling Rope

Sterling 7/16" Tactical SuperStatic2 Rope, Black

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Even after extensive use, the SuperStatic2 stays supple and knots easily.

Developed in 1993, this nylon static rope is still without equal. Two important and unique technical components are a 40-carrier sheath construction and DryCore™. This is what makes SuperStatic ropes incredibly durable and moisture resistant. Field reports have supported the fact that even after extensive use, the SuperStatic stays supple and knots easily. There is no doubt that Sterling’s SuperStatic will outlast and outperform all other static ropes on the market.
  • A multipurpose rappel rope
  • DryCore™ Technology
  • 48 carrier sheath construction
  • Block-creel kernmantle construction
  • Great for police and security tactical teams, military operations and training, mountain rescue, window washing, and rope access operations
  • Certified to NFPA 1983:2012 Technical Use
  • Available in Black in 150', 200', 300', and 600' lengths
There are other differences as well between Sterling’s static ropes and others. Typical static ropes have little or no twist in their cover yarns. Without twist in the sheath yarns, rope is subject to greater abrasion leading to early rope retirement. Sterling, Better Braid Technology™ is a unique process that provides a balanced construction that combines high twist with our 40-carrier sheath and DryCore™ construction. This gives the rope a slimmer profile than ropes with 16- or 32-carrier sheaths because the sheath is not bulked up to get core coverage. Consequently more yarn goes into the core giving the rope greater strength. This unique construction is what makes the rope easy to handle and deploy quickly and efficiently. Its smooth, firm sheath provides not only a quiet rappel and minimizes excess dirt build-up, but also allows the rope to pass through gear and equipment without vibration.

Perhaps the most important difference between Sterling’s SuperStatic and all other ropes is DryCore™. Only Sterling ropes have DryCore™, cores that are dry. This is an important safety feature. A wet rope is a compromised rope. The rope loses its strength and elongation increases. With DryCore™, Sterling's moisture resistant proprietary yarn helps each rope maintain its strength and elongation characteristics thereby assuring you a pliable, strong rope. Rescue, work access, and tower technicians never know where and under what weather conditions or situations they will encounter next, but with DryCore™, they can be confident that their ropes will perform perfectly and safely. Because Sterling’s SuperStatic is easy to deploy and handle, knots well, stays strong, and remains durable throughout its working life, it has become the rope of choice for many rescue and safety personnel throughout the world. Available in Black only.
Min Breaking Strength:
6,519 lbs
Elongation @ 300Lbs.
Safe Working Loads (10:1):
5.5 lbs.

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