Turtle Plastics Air Bag Pad

Turtle Plastics Air Bag Pad

Turtle Plastics Air Bag Pad Turtle Plastics

Turtle Plastics Air Bag Pad

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Made In USA

Developed with a tough recycled plastic, the Bag Pads are used to protect the Air Bags used in your vehicle extraction duties.

With sharp glass, jagged metal and hazardous road debris all around a motor vehicle accident, it’s vital to not only perform your duties but to perform them safely and protect your equipment for the next time. This pad simply keeps your air bags off the ground and away from harmful situations.
  • Durable Plastic
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Lanyards on the ends for easy carrying
  • 24” x 24” in size
  • Available in Gray only
  • Weighs 14 lbs.



Cribbing Test Results

Comprehensive Strength
With the cribbing lying flat, a steel plate was placed along the entire length. An increasing load was applied compressing along the full length of the cribbing. The test was stopped at 50,000 pounds at which the cribbing had deflected only 0.22 inches with slight deformation and no cracking.

With the cribbing lying flat, a 3-inch steel plate was placed on the cribbing to simulate the contact area of another piece of cribbing. The compression was stopped when there was a deflection of 0.75 inch. The force in pounds averaged 13,350 pounds at which point there was slight deformation and again no cracking.This test was repeated on the solid cribbing where there was a 0.75 inch deflection at 15,780 pounds.

Stacking Strength
This test was performed by placing two pieces of cribbing parallel to each other with a third piece on top of and perpendicular to them. The top piece was compressed in the center fo the piece with a 3-inch steel plate. There was a deflection of 1 inch at 2,390 pounds with slight deformation and again no cracking.

The Conclusion
There findings demonstrate that Dura Crib is almost twice as strong as the majority of wood currently being used for cribbing. The super stability of Dura Crib increases safety for both emergency personnel and victims.

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