Groves Inc. Wall Mounted Red Rack

Groves Inc. Wall Mounted Red Rack

Groves Inc. Wall Mounted Red Rack Groves Inc.

Groves Inc. Wall Mounted Red Rack

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Protect your PPE, Protect your crew.

The open air design of Groves Red Rack and DRY Kwik accessories allows air to circulate freely around and through your PPE to help it dry faster. As a result, mold and mildew will not prematurely destroy the fibers and structural integrity of your gear, so it will last longer. And because dry turnouts help reduce steam burns, they can work more effectively to protect your crew. Red Rack components are coated with a durable red powder coat finish that resists abrasion and corrosion from moisture and chemicals.

Choose 20" or 24" wide sections.
Compartment Quantities Available: 1- 25.
* Please call if you require more than 25 sections in one run.


  • 20" D x 72" H (Each Compartment)
  • 24" D x 72" H (Each Compartment)

Red Rack Features:

  • Designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service
  • Tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid
  • Open back design allows easy access to your station’s building code approved electrical outlets for enhanced safety
  • Design does not obstruct switches or outlets, enabling easier installation of rack
  • Maintenance friendly! You can clean and/or paint walls without removing the rack

Important Note:
Freight calculation for Groves Red Racks is not included in the shopping cart or checkout process. If you need to know the actual freight costs prior to placing your order, please call us at 800-852-6088, otherwise we will contact you after receiving your order to notify you of the actual freight charges to your destination.


  • Adjustable boot and helmet shelves
  • Adjustable apparel hooks
  • Label holder for name plates
  • Horizontal hanger rod
  • Assembly is required. Easy install instructions are included.

TFS Helpful Tips!
Rack layouts can be determined by measuring the width of clear wall space sections and dividing by the compartment unit width dimensions desired.

Example 1: If your clear wall space is 280” wide and you want 20” wide compartments, then you can fit 13 units(13 x 20.82") in that section.
Example 2: If your clear wall space is 280” wide and you want 24” wide compartments, then you can fit 11 units(11 x 24.84"units in that section.

Important Note:
If your walls have obstructions like foundation supports, water lines, columns, or electrical conduits, please call 800-852-6088 for assistance in planning the layout of your mounted wall racks before ordering.


Special discounts may apply for high volume sales. Contact our Bids & Quotes department for more information.