Maglite Charging Cradle w/ Adaptor, Component Conversion, & Bracket

Maglite Charging Cradle w/ Adaptor, Component Conversion, & Bracket

Maglite Charging Cradle w/ Adaptor, Component Conversion, & Bracket Maglite

Maglite Charging Cradle w/ Adaptor, Component Conversion, & Bracket

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Made In USA

Constructed of super-strong, resilient material, this Charging Cradle unit has many features.

Solid-state electronics provide a constant charge rate; from an input from 12–14 volts (automotive installations) or 120 volts AC, when used with a converter, in-house. A unique clamp design holds the flashlight securely in a vehicle under rough conditions and its quick release mounting bracket allows easy removal of system.

Maglite recently changed a component on their Charging Unit for the Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight (ARXX014) and the charger requires a special component converter. The adaptor, component converter and mounting base bracket are all included.
  • Charging Cradle
  • Mounting Base Bracket
  • Converter
  • Genuine Maglite Part(s)
  • Input 120 volts AC 60Hz
  • Output 12 volts DC
  • Double insulated
Charging Cradle
  • Accepts 12–14 volts DC*
  • Constant current solid-state integrated circuit regulator
  • Charge rate: 230 mA continuous
  • Flashlight can be charged in any position
  • Reverse voltage protected (batteries in backwards) Input and Output
  • Red light emitting diode (LED) charge indicator
  • Mounts in any position
  • Includes (2) detachable mounting brackets
Since the Charging Cradle was designed to hold the flashlight securely you’ll find that before the unit is mounted, considerable pressure is necessary to release the flashlight from the clamps. It is really quite easy:
  1. Holding the Charging Cradle firmly in one hand, grasp the flashlight with the other.
  2. A firm downward pressure with the thumb on one clamp while pulling up on the barrel with the other four fingers will quickly snap it free.
By its unique design, returning the flashlight to the Charging Cradle takes less than 1/10 the force of removing it. Little more than its own weight is sufficient. And, once it is mounted to a wall or in a vehicle, you’ll find that the designed leverage takes no effort at all.
*Note: All electrical components are designed for 12–14 volt DC circuits. DO NOT USE IN 24-VOLT DC CIRCUITS. Doing so creates excessive heat and may result in a fire or melted components.

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