Simulaids Tension Pneumothorax Simulator

Simulaids Tension Pneumothorax Simulator

Simulaids Tension Pneumothorax Simulator Simulaids

Simulaids Tension Pneumothorax Simulator

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Lifelike ALS simulator responds to proper needle insertion, allowing built-up air pressure to escape.

This reactive model allows medical personnel to practice proper needle insertion; which enables built-up air pressure to escape the pressurized pleural cavity in the thorax. The Simulaids Tension Pneumothorax Simulator consists of a rigid upper torso with a simulated ribcage covered with a foam liner and soft life-like vinyl skin. Accepts needle and thoracotomy in the second intercostal space in the midclavical line or fifth intercostal space in the midaxillary line. A foot pump assembly is provided for easy inflation of the dual pleural cavity. The cavity is reversible, allowing double usage of the original and replacement pleural cavities. Replaceable skin and 2-sided plural chamber gives this highly effective trainer many years of usable life. Comes with a custom soft carry bag for easy transport and storage. Procedural needle not included.

2-sided plural chamber can be reversed and used on the other side, extending usable life.


  • Simulator with 2-piece pleural chamber, ribcage and soft, lifelike skin
  • Foot pump assembly
  • 1 replacement 2-piece pleural chamber
  • Soft carry bag

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