TheFireStore Cap'n By Leo Stapleton

TheFireStore Cap'n By Leo Stapleton

TheFireStore Cap'n By Leo Stapleton Exclusive

TheFireStore Cap'n By Leo Stapleton

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Leo Stapleton continues his compelling tribute to the courage and dedication of the members of the Boston Fire Department - and ultimately to all members of the fire service - in Cap'n.

Cap'n is Stapleton's seventh book and the third in this series that chronicles the career of Donald Holden, the Boston jake whose story began in Pops and continued with Lufts. Donald has grown to love his chosen profession and the people he works with; he has grown to love the challenge and responsibility of being an officer in the BFD; he has a stronger faith in his own judgment and his ability to lead and protect other jakes. These essential leadership skills and the effective command style he has developed motivate Donald to try to advance toward the upper echelons of the department.

In Cap'n, Leo Stapleton has again assembled a memorable cast of deeply committed and frequently outrageous jakes to help tell the tale, including many favorite characters from previous works - Joe Desmond, Gap Keefe, Rick Foster, Cueball Justice, Monty Hall, Dothead Doherty, Dan Lansing, and, of course, Deputy Chief Billy Simpson. As with all of Stapleton's writing, the characters reflect his personal views of the type of people who become fire fighters - dedicated, of course, but often hilarious and unpredictable and possessing the ability to accept the foibles of their partners while serving the public in a three-decade career.

Leo Stapleton's writing has never been stronger or more vibrant, his fire grounds have never been more fully realized. Cap'n is a must for every Stapleton fan!

Leo D. Stapleton was a member of the Boston Fire Department for thirty-nine years; during the last seven years of his career he served as both Commissioner and Chief of Department. He is the author of six other books: Thirty Years on the Line, Commish, Fire & Water, Jakes, Nops and Lufts.

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