Majestic PAC II 3-Ply Exclusive Black and Gray Instructor Hood

Majestic PAC II 3-Ply Exclusive Black and Gray Instructor Hood

Majestic PAC II 3-Ply Exclusive Black and Gray Instructor Hood Majestic Fire Apparel

Majestic PAC II 3-Ply Exclusive Black and Gray Instructor Hood

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Made In USA

Announcing the End of the Burn Room Hot-Head!

  • UL Certified to NFPA 1971-2013 Edition Standards for PPE
  • A TFS Exclusive from Majestic Fire Apparel
  • Advanced protection from extreme heat and flames
  • Sheds molten metal, or electric arcing
  • Black top and gray bottom
  • Improved mask seal and less chance of exposed skin
  • An added layer of Ultra C6 Carbon Fabric at the head provides advanced protection on top of the 2-ply FR Rayon/Kevlar Blend
Put yourself in the Burn Room with a bunch of trainees. They may be floundering in the extreme heat and low visibility…but you have to keep your cool…for more than a few intense minutes. The instructor needs extra protection. With a TPP over 50, the extraordinary new PAC II 3-Ply Instructor’s Hood delivers.

An added layer of Ultra C6 Carbon Fabric at the head. Provides advanced protection where it’s needed most. The entire head of this special 2-ply FR Rayon/Kevlar Blend hood is covered with a third outer layer of Majestic’s new Ultra C6 black carbon material—an advanced carbon tri-blend fabric engineered to address the most demanding concerns and needs of the safety world. Its unique mix of fibers maximizes the inherent performance properties of each component to provide optimal comfort and advanced protection against extreme radiant heat, flame, even an electric arc. When combined with the two layers of soft, comfortable, high-temperature FR Rayon/Kevlar blend underneath, it provides an extraordinary TPP rating over 50—by far, the highest TPP level available in a protective hood. The PAC II Instructor’s Hood can improve the wearer’s ability to function confidently, and perform efficiently, even during continued exposure to the hottest environments.

Proven PAC II two-piece design for better coverage and comfort. The Instructor’s Hood is built on Majestic’s excellent three-ply PAC II Hood—one of the most popular PPE hoods available. The two-piece design has notched shoulders and an elastic face opening that exposes only the eyes and nose, providing full coverage for the head and neck, and a gap-free fit under any SCBA mask. The wide, notched shoulders lie well below the relaxed neck, forming a long bib for maximum protection and more comfort under turnout gear. It all combines to create a perfect fit—for the Burn Room, or the most extreme fire scene.

  • Unsurpassed flame and heat protection at the head from an outer layer of Ultra C6 black carbon material
  • Ultra C6 fiber’s inherent properties provide excellent protection against extreme radiant heat as well as intense heat from electric arc
  • Ultra C6 fiber demonstrates special ability to shed molten metal
  • Two full layers of soft, 80% FR Rayon / 20% Black Kevlar blend provide comfort against skin and exceptional thermal insulation
  • Inherent moisture management properties for excellent moisture wicking and breathability; reduced risk of heat stress
  • Universal size two-piece design with notched shoulder insert—one size fits all.
  • All seams merrow stitched, then covered top and bottom with a 5-thread cover stitch for extended durability
  • 100% Nomex thread
  • Stitching color contrasts with hood color, enabling easy advanced inspection of thread stitching
  • Machine washable with regular detergent
  • UL Certified: Meets or exceeds NFPA 1971-2007 Edition Standards for PPE
  • Meets or exceeds Cal/OSHA Standards.
PAC II Instructor Hood:
  • 21 inch length
  • 100% Nomex thread
  • 80% FR Rayon/20% Black Kevlar material
  • 8 oz. weight
Download the Majestic Hood Warning and User Information Guide.

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