TheFireStore Exclusive RED TOE X-Static Endurance 9

TheFireStore Exclusive RED TOE X-Static Endurance 9" Boot Socks

TheFireStore Exclusive RED TOE X-Static Endurance 9 Exclusive

TheFireStore Exclusive RED TOE X-Static Endurance 9" Boot Socks

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Let TheFireStore go wherever your feet go. In the action. At the station. Waiting for the next call. Sock Around the Clock…The only 24 hour shift sock!

Firefighters spend a lot of time on their feet, in harsh environments, battling a wide range of temperatures and in all kinds of weather conditions. We recognize the importance of wearing a great sock with whatever you’re wearing on your feet: structural pull-on’s, Wildland lace-ups, station slip-on’s, or just your favorite pair of sneakers. Why the RED TOE? Easy. We know that once you wear these socks, they'll quickly become your favorite. The RED TOE will stand out in your overcrowded sock drawer making it easy to find.
  • Fit & Comfort: Welt top for better stay-up performance, arch support for better fit and increased circulation, cushioned sole aids in shock absorbency
  • Breathability: Mesh channels allow enhanced air permeability
  • Thermal Management: Silver is conductive and allows heat to dissipate on the foot helping to control HOT SPOTS in the boot
  • Heat Transfer: X-Static aids in keeping feet warm in cold temperatures and cool in hot temperatures
  • Moisture Wicking: X-Static accelerates the movement of moisture through evaporation minimizing moisture contact with skin
  • Anti-Microbial: X-Static eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure

TheFireStore developed the EXCLUSIVE RED TOE™ X-Static Endurance Firefighter Boot Sock and has been wear tested and rated the highest in the following evaluation categories: Fit, Comfort, Shock Absorbency, Durability, Friction Reduction, Breathability and Thermal Management.

RED TOE™ features the X-Static Silver Fiber made from Pure Silver which is permanently bonded to the surface of the fiber. X-Static keeps feet warm in the cold and comfortable when it’s hot. It also accelerates sweat evaporation by giving the sock moisture wicking properties.

TheFireStore RED TOE™ X-Static Endurance Firefighter Sock has been tested for more than 250 washes with virtually no reduction in performance. You can expect the ultimate in fit, comfort and durability. Plus, it’s a sock that likes attention with the signature RED TOE™ and stitched on the bottom to always remind you where to go for the best selection and best prices for thousands of firefighting products. From helmets and hoods to boots and socks…TheFireStore has you covered from head to RED TOE™.

Sock Materials: 82% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 5% Spandex, 3% X-Static

Sizing: Available in size 10-13 only (shoe size 8 ½ - 12 for men and 9-12 for women)

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