SoundOff Signal Skyfire 48

SoundOff Signal Skyfire 48" LED Lightbar, Low Profile Fixed Mount

SoundOff Signal Skyfire 48 SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal Skyfire 48" LED Lightbar, Low Profile Fixed Mount

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Hi, is there an up charge for the led work lights?


It looks like it comes standard with these LEDS


can i wire the bar to jusr a single switch for on and off


If you know what your doing we suppose you could do that, we don't recommend that you do that though. What are you going to do with the work lights, and take down lights all being on at the same time when you are driving down the road? Most likely not legal to do that either.


How can I get the wiring codes to change the colors of the light?


Ronnie, that information should have been included with the light when you purchased it, if it wasn't you will have to contact the mfg. customer service and ask if they can send you a wiring diagram,


Does the light bar come with all the necessary wiring, controller, and hardware to install?


Seth, it will come with the wiring you will need to operate the light, you will need to order brackets and a control box to turn the bar on / off and flash patterns.


can you get amber leds instead of just red or blue?


Yes, should be no problem


Curious if this lightbar can be mounted to existing roof luggage rack side rails without too much difficulty on an SUV.


They offer 3 different mounting brackets, i think you might be able to use what they call the headache bracket, before you go order something go to their web site and look at the 3 different brackets and see if you agree,