Streamlight SolarStream Supplemental Vehicle Charging System

Streamlight SolarStream Supplemental Vehicle Charging System

Streamlight SolarStream Supplemental Vehicle Charging System Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight SolarStream Supplemental Vehicle Charging System

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A cost-effective solar panel low-rate battery maintenance charger.

A reliable solution to your vehicle’s draining battery. After a year of ­ field-testing, the Streamlight SolarStream™ solar panel has proven itself to be just as durable and dependent as you’d expect your vehicle to be. It’s engineered to reduce the need to constantly jump or replace your battery by providing a natural supplemental power source. Heat tolerant, flexible, and adhesive up to 120 mph, it’s the kind of technology you’ve come to expect from Streamlight.
  • Operates in low sun angle and cloudy conditions.
  • Securely mounts to vehicle surfaces.
  • Solar panel is adhesive backed and wind-tested up to 120 mph
  • Provides 14 watt supplemental power source
  • Reduces jump starting and replacement batteries for vehicles
  • Reliable: Panel will continue to operate at reduced performance if panel sections are damaged
  • Packaged with fuse holder and fuse
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Introducing an innovative vehicle solar charging panel

The 14 watt flexible amorphous silicon solar panel with self-adhesive backing provides a low rate maintenance charge to the vehicle battery during daylight hours. Panel material and design allow trickle charge in low sun angle and cloudy conditions. Panel helps reduce the effect of onboard computer system battery drain when the vehicle is off. Maintaining a charged battery state when the vehicle is not in use contributes to extended battery life and a reduction in automobile battery related maintenance time. Panel will continue to operate at reduced performance if panel sections are damaged. Packaged with both a fuse holder and fuse.

Pays for Itself Through Man-Hour and Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Reduces the need to continuously jump-start a vehicle
  • Reduces the number of replacement batteries needed over the life of a vehicle
The Power You Need
  • Compensates for natural discharge and parasitic drains on your vehicle’s battery
  • Provides the vehicle with a 14 watt supplemental power source
  • Dispenses a milliamp level current to vehicle battery, helping to prevent it from draining completely
Proven Performance with Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Technology
  • Adhesive-backed panel is wind-resistant tested to 120 mph
  • Adheres to a variety of contoured surfaces
  • Allows for maximum solar collection as it is not dependent on mounting angle
  • Continues to collect sunlight in low-light conditions (heat and shade tolerant)
  • Performance and durability verified by one year of police vehicle field testing
  • Applicable to fiberglass roofs
  • Designed to reduce concern of overcharging and to prevent reverse charging
Case Material:
  • Encapsulated amorphous silicon offers exceptional durability and weather resistance.
  • 18AWG cord rated at 300V, 105°C.
  • Panel Length - 40.88" (103.8 cm)
  • Width - 13.07" (33.2 cm)
  • Weight - 1.3 lbs (0.6kg) with full length cord
  • Cord Length - 20 ft (6 meters)
Panel Output: 14 Watts maximum power in full sunlight.

Approvals: Meets applicable European Community Directives.

Streamlight's SolarStream™ 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Streamlight warrants that if the SolarStream™ is properly installed, used and maintained as installed, without being removed, in accordance with the Operating Instructions contained therewith, it will be free of defects for a period of five (5) years beginning on the date the SolarStream™ was purchased. Except for normal wear, Streamlight will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of this product should we determine it to be defective, provided it has not been removed from the vehicle on which it was originally installed and has not be otherwise modified or misused. Streamlight is not liable for any damage caused to the vehicle on to which the SolarStream™ is installed. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser, with proof of purchaser, only, and is not transferable to subsequent owners. THIS IS THE ONLY WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED EXCEPT WHERE SUCH LIMITATION IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. You may have other specific legal rights which vary by jurisdiction.

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