TheFireStore Wack-Pack LED Deluxe with Punch

TheFireStore Wack-Pack LED Deluxe with Punch

TheFireStore Wack-Pack LED Deluxe with Punch Exclusive

TheFireStore Wack-Pack LED Deluxe with Punch

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Powerful little life-savers for structure or street…all off the top of your head.

WACK-PACK Deluxe. More life-saving options for structure fires or auto rescue. A large, sticky door wedge and spring-loaded window breaker give this Deluxe helmet accessory kit real punch. WACK-PACK LED. Like the basicWACK-PACK LED, this convenient package of small life-saving tools includes a heavy duty rubber helmet band, two small thermoplastic chocks that can be used to keep doors open or sprinklers off, plus a bright, long-running Duracell LED Life Lite™. But what sets the Deluxe WACK-PACK apart are the things we've added...or upgraded.
  • Five proven life-savers with some punch, plus a strap to hold them on your helmet, where you can reach them fast
  • DuracellLED Life Lite®, the firefighter’s favorite disposable flashlight, made better with a brighter, tighter, beam and 150+ hours run time
  • Spring-loaded brass window punch breaks out safety glass in a snap
  • Two small thermoplastic rubber door and sprinkler wedges
  • One 5½” wedge for larger, heavier doors
  • Heavy-duty rubber helmet band
  • You don’t want to keep these life-saving accessories under your hat.

Even big doors stay propped open with the large rubber door wedge. Vehicle windows can be safely broken out with the dependable, controlled power of the spring-loaded window punch. And the LED Life Lite provides 150+ continuous hours of bright, white, light to outshine and outlast any other disposable. The new slim design and colorful, non-slip rubber grip makes the LED Life Lite® easy to locate, comfortable to carry, and hard to loose. With the brighter, incredibly long-running LED, this dependable, lightweight flashlight is still a disposable, but you’ll have it for quite a while. Of course all these tools can be easily carried on your helmet with the durable heat-resistant rubber strap—right on the top of your head—instantly at hand when you need them.

The Duracell  LED Life Lite® Disposable Flashlight. Provides 150+ hours of bright, white, continuous light. No disposable shines farther or lasts longer. The shock-proof LED and magnifier lens create a tightly focused far-reaching beam designed to pierce the darkness—or the smoke—and light your way to safety. With one or two of these rugged, lightweight, utterly reliable Life Lites strapped to your helmet, you'll always have a flashlight you can depend on. (NOTE: Handle color will vary with available stock.)

Spring-loaded brass window punch delivers the concentrated impact you need to break out vehicle windows quickly, easily, and safely. The deeply knurled handle provides a sure grip, even through heavy protective gloves. Just push it against the window and let the powerful spring action and hardened tip do its job…so you can get on doing yours. WACK-PACK Deluxe includes:

  • LED Life-Lite Disposable Flashlight
  • Spring-loaded window punch
  • One large rubber door wedge
  • Two small rubber door or sprinkler wedges
  • Heavy duty rubber helmet band

Pack will contain a blue, red, orange, or lime green flashlight, depending on available stock.

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