Armor Express FMS Level II Body Armor, 2 Equinox Carriers with Tails, 5

Armor Express FMS Level II Body Armor, 2 Equinox Carriers with Tails, 5" x 8" STP (Soft Trauma Pack)

Armor Express FMS Level II Body Armor, 2 Equinox Carriers with Tails, 5 Armor Express

Armor Express FMS Level II Body Armor, 2 Equinox Carriers with Tails, 5" x 8" STP (Soft Trauma Pack)

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The FMS Level II Body Armor is the workhorse of the Armor Express concealable panel lineup.

Made from a unique mix of Twaron Aramid and Twaron laminates, the FMS Level IIIA Body Armor comes in at an affordable price point for tight budgets. The FMS features the Equinox Carrier System, which features a poly-cotton outer shell and an inner Breeze Knit lining for lightweight, breathable comfort. The Breeze Knit lining is antimicrobial treated and offers moisture-wicking properties. The carrier includes dual plate pockets on the front that can accommodate either 5” x 8” or 7” x 10” inserts for added protection; an inner suspension system is designed to hold the protective panels in place and prevent them from sagging. This body armor also includes a soft trauma pack made of laminated Aramid fiber and waterproof ripstop fabric for use in emergency situations. Lightweight, comfortable, and very durable, Armor Express's FMS Level IIIA Body Armor is a powerful piece of personal equipment that will effectively protect you from many ballistic threats.

  • Ideal price point for tight budgets
  • Constructed with a mix of Twaron Aramid and Twaron laminates
  • Two lightweight, breathable, and comfortable carriers
  • Carriers feature 13” front and back Poly-Cotton tails.
  • Laminated Aramid fiber Soft Trauma Pack

FMS Ballistic System

Performance Data:

  • Threat Level: II
  • Thinness: 0.29 inches
  • Weight: 1.31 lbs./ft.
  • 9mm V-50: 1,667 fps
  • .357 V-50: 1,663 fps
  • Avg. 9mm BFS: 31.3 mm
  • Avg. .357 BFS: 34.9 mm
  • BFS Model #: FMS-A-II

Soft Trauma PAC (STP)


  • Laminated Aramid fiber covered in waterproof ripstop fabric
  • Size: 5” X 8”
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs
  • Threat Level: Trauma Only

Equinox Carrier


  • Poly-cotton outer shell.
  • 13" front and back tails made of same outer fabric as the carrier.
  • 5”x8” and 7”x10” front plate pockets accommodate inserts for added protection.
  • Breeze Knit moisture wicking, anti-microbial inner lining.
  • Epaulets at shoulders to hold microphone.

5 Year Warranty
Armor Express stands behind their products. They offer custom fit body armor that is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Their experienced and service oriented staff are committed to providing you the best possible product to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • 5 year warranty on ballistics and 18 month warranty on carriers
  • FREE replacement armor to any officers who are SAVED by their vest

Each ballistic line from Armor Express is tested beyond the NIJ Standard – in-house, with special threat requirements as deemed necessary by you, our customer. Their goal is to give you the peace-of-mind that can only come with watching your purchase be put to the test, right before your eyes. Their in-house testing facility is state of the art, and their capabilities are beyond many of the certified labs in the field today.
Soft armor comes protected in a seam-sealed ripstop pad cover. Each configuration is certified to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards, as well as vigorously tested in-house at their Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL). During testing they go above and beyond the anticipated testing protocols in order to ensure that their armor products are second to none.

Please expect approx. 60-90 days for delivery of your custom vest. Once your order is placed, it cannot be changed or cancelled. Vests are NON-RETURNABLE except for manufacturer defect. Please call 800-852-6088 for current availability or with product questions.


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Size Chest (a) Sternum to Navel (b) Mid-Waist (c)
X-Small Short Up to 32" Up to 12" 26.5" to 30"
X-Small Regular 12.5" to 13"
X-Small Long 13.5" to 14"
Small Short 32.5" to 36" 12.5" to 13" 30.5" to 34"
Small Regular 13.5" to 14"
Small Long 14.5" to 15"
Medium Short 36.5" to 40" 13.5" to 14" 34.5" to 38"
Medium Regular 14.5" to 15"
Medium Long 15.5" to 16"
Large Short 40.5" to 44" 14.5" to 15" 38.5" to 42"
Large Regular 15.5" to 16"
Large Long 16.5" to 17"
X-Large Short 44.5" to 48" 15.5" to 16" 42.5" to 46"
X-Large Regular 16.5" to 17"
X-Large Long 17.5" to 18"
2X-Large Short 48.5" to 52" 16.5" to 17" 46.5" to 50"
2X-Large Regular 17.5" to 18"
2X-Large Long 18.5" to 19"
3X-Large Short 52.5" to 56" 17.5" to 18" 50.5" to 54"
3X-Large Regular 18.5" to 19"
3X-Large Long 19.5" to 20"

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