Grace Industries Model 851 Investigator’s Aid, Calibrated

Grace Industries Model 851 Investigator’s Aid, Calibrated

Grace Industries Model 851 Investigator’s Aid, Calibrated Grace Industries

Grace Industries Model 851 Investigator’s Aid, Calibrated

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Made In USA

The Model 851 Investigator’s Aid is a Calibrated, precision instrument.

Designed specifically for detecting petroleum volatiles, hydrocarbons and natural gas. The detector features two modes of operation: a High Sensitivity search mode for locating very small gas leaks and a Calibrated mode of operation that indicates 0% to 100% of the lower explosive limit (LEL), with methane used as the test gas.
Turn unit ON and extend the telescoping sensor probe. Allow several minutes for warm up and scan area of concern. If hydrocarbon is present, a deflection in the meter will occur, followed by a series of audible beep tones in combination with two flashing visual indicators (Red LEDs). The Model 851 telescoping sensor probe permits easy access into hard to reach areas. An optional 10’ extension cord for the sensor is available. This extension cord is useful for lowering into inspection pipes and other confined spaces.

  • Two modes of operation; High sensitivity mode or Calibrated mode of operation
  • Sensor; Solid state plug-in type, housed in a protective guard mounted at end of telescoping probe.
  • Meter readout; Provides visual indication of relative concentrations of hydrocarbons. Reads % lower explosive limit (LEL) and parts per million (ppm)
  • Displays; Audio and visual indication of the detection of accelerants and gases. A yellow "purge" indicator and red "sensor / detection" indicator.
  • Electronic purge; Permits quick recovery of sensor element.
  • Mute switch; Turns off audio tones and permits discreet investigation
  • Telescoping probe with sensor guard; Sensor guard mounted at end of telescoping probe which extends 45" and retracts to 19" for easy storage.
  • Power; Two nickle cadmium rechargeable batteries, each battery provides 4 hours of operation. Second battery is accessed by switching from "A" to "B" with battery transfer switch.
  • Housing; Chrome finished steel enclosure that measures 5¾" long, 2½" wide, weight 2lbs 7 oz.
  • Applications; Arson investigation, site survey, methane out-gassing (landfills), leaking underground storage tanks, general purpose gas detection.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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