Ramfan Safest Smoke Ejector

Ramfan Safest Smoke Ejector

Ramfan Safest Smoke Ejector RAMFAN

Ramfan Safest Smoke Ejector

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16"/40cm EFi150xx Intrinsically Safe Blower/Exhauster

Hazardous Location ventilation is Euramco Safety’s specialty, and these RAMFAN 16" Smoke Ejectors are a reflection of this experience. The only WHOLE-UNIT certified explosion-proof portable ventilators on the market, raising to the strict hazardous location use standards of UL, IECEx, and ATEX, make these the safest ventilators available for venting of hazardous airborne vapors and particulates. For those whose response areas include heavy industrial, chemical, or other HazMat potential.
  • ATEX certified for safe use in adverse atmospheres
  • Blow/exhaust hazardous or explosive gasses safely
  • High strength, anti-static glass reinforced ABS housing is lightweight, corrosion proof and chemical resistant
  • IP55 rain tested switch enclosure
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Power cable is 30ft/9m long.
Free Air (15ft/4.6m,
1 - 90° turn)
Impeller 7-blade
Weight 61lbs / 28kg
Dimensions (h/w/d) 19/18/16 in
483/457/407 mm
Noise 90.2dB
Motor 1.5HP/1.1kW
Electric 115/230VAC, 1ø, 50/60Hz
Amps Start: 115V: 80A / 230V: 40A
Run: 115V: 15A / 230V: 8A
Unit Certification: 
II 2 G Ex de IIB T6 BR
Ex de IIB T6
Motor Certification: 
II 2 G Ex d IIB

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