Quick Step Anchor Quick Step Anchor

Quick Step Anchor Quick Step Anchor

Quick Step Anchor Quick Step Anchor Quick Step Anchor

Quick Step Anchor Quick Step Anchor

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The Quick Step Anchor is a sturdy and robust roof step that will make your Vertical Ventilation Operation a faster and more importantly, a safer procedure.

The Quick Step Anchor has been designed to free up the Firefighter that was previously dedicated to securing the axe/haligan and provides a secure and stable platform for the truckman that is performing the operation.

The Quick Step Anchor also incorporates an "anchor point" that allows the truckman to anchor him/herself with a lanyard. In the event that he/she slips and falls, since the truckman is anchored to the "QSA" and the QSA is anchored to the roof, their fall will be arrested by the attached lanyard.

  • Adjustable to all pitched roofs
  • Carry hands-free up any ladder
  • Anchor point can be used for rappelling or roof rescues
  • Stores easily in any fire apparatus
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily used and implemented
  • Training takes only minutes
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Maintenance Free


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