Junkyard Dog XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2

Junkyard Dog XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2

Junkyard Dog XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2 JunkYard Dog

Junkyard Dog XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2

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Have all the stabilization tools you need at your disposal with Junkyard Dog’s XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2

  • (1) XTEND Strut System Kit
    • (2) G-Force Rescue XTENDs
    • (2) Nightmare Rescue XTENDs
    • (4) Standard Heads
    • (4) Witches Hat Point Heads
    • (4) 90° Heads
    • (4) Accessory Pouches
    • (4) Pickets
    • (4) Simpson Ratchet Straps
    • (4) Simpson Axle Straps
  • (4) SideWinder Standard Kits
    • (4) SideWinders
    • (4) Flat Heads
    • (4) Speedy Wrench
    • (4) Universal
  • (2) Cleat Bases
  • (1) Milwaukee Kit #2
    • (1) M18™ Drill Driver
    • (2) M18™ Lithium Ion Battery
    • (1) M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench
    • (1) 1/4”- 3/4″ Step Drill Bit
    • (1) AC/DC Charger
    • (1) Tool Bag

With Junkyard Dog’s XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2, you’ll have all the tools you need to stabilize almost any vehicle quickly, safely, and effectively in one convenient set. The XTEND Stabilizing Kit #2 includes four different Junkyard Dog tool kits, each of which contributes special functions key to stabilizing vehicles.

The XTEND Strut System Kit features two G-Force Rescue XTENDs, two Nightmare Rescue XTENDs, and related tools for operating the struts. The XTEND Struts are made of sand blasted 14-gauge steel, have been independently column tested to 10,000 lbs., and can effectively accommodate conventional and ultramodern vehicle construction features. These struts can be deployed in a wide range of configurations, and are self-contained and lightweight enough to allow even a single firefighter to safely and easily stabilize a vehicle. The G-Force Rescue XTEND weighs 19 lb. and reaches from 27” to a maximum extension of 42”, while the Nightmare Rescue XTEND weighs 25 lb. and reaches from 51” to a maximum extension of 81”.

The SideWinder Standard Kit features the SideWinder, a scissors jack engineered to hold greater weights and have features that work under extreme rescue conditions, and related tools for operating the SideWinder. Weighing just 19 lbs., the SideWinder has been tested to hold over 15,000 pounds, is rated for a 7,500 pound working load limit, and provides 8 inches (22 cm) of lift, giving you enough space to safely and effectively remove patients from their vehicles. Engineered for use on automobiles and light duty trucks, the SideWinder can be used in pairs or groups of four to stabilize and lift a vehicle on all fours, on the side, or on a roof. It can also be used in conjunction with other Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts for optimal lifts.

The Cleat Base for the SideWinder, XTEND, and ZSTRUT makes it easier to deploy and use the SideWinder and XTEND Strut in off-road, slippery, or icy conditions, thanks to its stamped cleats. With an area of 14” x 7”, the Cleat Base doubles the footprint of the SideWinder base. It can also accommodate the guides on the XTEND Strut to allow for proper tensioning. The Cleat Base is powder coated red for durability and visibility.

The Milwaukee Kit #2 includes power tools and hand tools, such as M18™ Drill Driver, M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench, and 1/4”- 3/4″ Step Drill Bit, that can be used to easily and efficiently power and operate the SideWinder and the XTEND Rescue Struts, allowing you more time to focus on any patients trapped in their vehicles.

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