Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair

Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair

Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair Quantum EMS

Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair

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Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair manages steep stairs with ease

If you need a faster, easier, and safer way to transport a patient up or down steep stairs during an emergency evacuation, by yourself or with another person’s help, the Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair will effectively fulfill your need.

The Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair consists of a dual position, detachable seat and backrest with chest, seat, and ankle restraints; four large wheels that provide stability over rough terrain; and foldaway handles that allow for a two-person operation, if necessary. The chair is lightweight and easy to use, and supports a passenger payload capacity of 400 pounds.

The Stair Chair is also guaranteed for five years against defective metal workmanship, keeping the chair in top shape and ready for use when needed.

Transport your patient safely no matter what the location by using the Quantum EMS Swiftlite Stair Chair.

  • Dual position, detachable seat
  • Chest, seat, and ankle restraints
  • Fixing bracket
  • Passenger payload capacity of 400 lbs
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can ascend and descend steep stairs or go through corridors
  • Foldaway handles enable a two-person operation
  • Large wheels provide stability over rough terrain
  • Antimicrobial protection
Height Width Depth Weight Load Capacity
47in 21in 9in 29lb 400lb

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