Float-Tech Inflatable Vest PFD

Float-Tech Inflatable Vest PFD

Float-Tech Inflatable Vest PFD Float-Tech

Float-Tech Inflatable Vest PFD

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This inflatable PFD is less bulky, lighter and versatile enough to be worn in many seasons and conditions.

Float Tech® is the patented integration of life vest technology within outerwear. By incorporating flotation within apparel, Float Tech creates more wearable, functional clothing that can help save lives.

The Float Tech PFD has much more buoyancy than foam life jackets and will turn your head up and out of the water. The wide neck design lays flat in the shoulders for better comfort and is the only USCG approved lifejacket that can be worn alone or zipped into an outer apparel and still exceed USCG inflatable standards.

While the liner may be worn OVER other apparel and used as your life preserver, DO NOT wear the liner under any other jacket or apparel, unless specified by the manufacturer as Float Tech compatible. The Float Tech PFD liner is only designed to fit approved jackets. USCG Type V with Type III performance. This product meets or exceeds the USCG/UL requirements and provides a minimum of 26 lbs of buoyancy, excellent freeboard, and exceptional turnover characteristics.

This device is a USCG approved Type V providing Type III performance characteristics. This inflatable PFD is not approved for high impact activities, such as water skiing. As a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that was designed to be more comfortable and less restrictive to the wearer, the device must be worn, used, and serviced according to this owner’s manual. This Inflatable PFD can increase your chances of survival in the water, but is not recommended for weak or non-swimmers. According to Coast Guard regulations, users of inflatable PFD’s must be at least 16 years of age or over 80 lbs.

Check your PFD between outings to ensure that the CO2 Cartridge is properly armed; that it is free from rips tears or holes and that all seams are securely sewn; and all fabric, straps, buttons and zippers are still strong.

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