Task Force Tips Legacy Valve Integral Tip Nozzle 2.5

Task Force Tips Legacy Valve Integral Tip Nozzle 2.5" inlet x 1.5" outlet

Task Force Tips Legacy Valve Integral Tip Nozzle 2.5 Task Force Tips Legacy

Task Force Tips Legacy Valve Integral Tip Nozzle 2.5" inlet x 1.5" outlet

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7/8" orifice15/16" orifice1" orifice1-1/8" orifice1-1/4" orifice1-3/8" orifice
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Made In USA

Valve Integral Tip Nozzle 2.5" Inlet x 1.5" Outlet

  • Separate ball-type shutoff valve for use with tip only nozzles
  • Use the valve as a smooth bore at the selected outlet diameter
  • Six detent flow positions
  • Colored handle covers available
  • 2.5" NH (65 mm) rocker lug full-time swivel inlet coupling and 1.5" NH (38 mm) male outlet standard
  • All lightweight materials are used
  • Weight: 3.9 - 4.7 lbs 
The Valve Integral Tip (VIT) series is available in two distinct models. The original model offers the flexibility of individual smooth bore inserts that can be easily changed to match the fire department operational guidelines, but lacks the integrated stream straightener and thread protection of the new style. Shorter and somewhat lighter, the original model often was used with a separate stream straightener to enhance the stream quality at low operating pressures. Inserts included with the package are 7/8", 15/16", 1", 1-1/8". Also for those using CAFS, often no insert is used to provide a full 1-3/8" waterway. Suitable for use with smooth bore tip, stack tip, or combination fog/straight stream nozzles or used for break-and-extend operations

The VIT Series uses a full 1-3/8" waterway and is controlled by TFT's unique detent bail shutoff allows a level of nozzle operator control. The new style of VIT incorporates a retractable rubber-bumpered thread protector that can be easily rotated to allow for either a combination nozzle connection, or for complete protection of the male outlet threads. 

The VIT series are available with color-coded bail handles and pistol grips. The new style of VIT incorporates a longer tapered smooth bore for increased stream performance, and integrated stream straightener keeps the overall package compact and lightweight, making them especially ideal for high rise operations. All VIT models come standard with TFT exclusive 24 hour service guarantee and 5 year warranty.

Nozzle Body     Nozzle with shutoff
Coupling Size Side A 2-1/2” (65 mm)
Coupling Style Side A   Rocker
Coupling Swiveling/Rigid Side A Swivel (full time, even after tightening)
Coupling Size Side B 1-1/2” (38 mm)
Coupling Style Side B Male threads
Coupling Swiveling/Rigid Side B Rigid
Retractable Thread Protector Yes

Available Orifice sizes:
  • 7/8" Tip
  • 15/16" Tip
  • 1" Tip
  • 1-1/8" Tip
  • 1-1/4" Tip
  • 1-3/8" Tip

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