PGI Cobra™ Ultimate™ Hood Para-Tek FR® Tri-Blend

PGI Cobra™ Ultimate™ Hood Para-Tek FR® Tri-Blend

PGI Cobra™ Ultimate™ Hood Para-Tek FR® Tri-Blend Cobra Firefighting Hoods

PGI Cobra™ Ultimate™ Hood Para-Tek FR® Tri-Blend

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Para-Tek FR™ is PGI’s proprietary Tri-Blend that leverages the benefits of three fibers – High Strength Para-Aramid, Lenzing FR®, and High Tenacity Nylon.

The end result is a lightweight, breathable hood that offers exceptional flame and heat resistance and the highest arc rating – 34.4 (Level 3) – ounce per ounce, of any hood on the market. When tested for vertical char length the Para-Tek FR™ fabric had the lowest char lengths PGI has ever seen, averaging 9mm (.36”) in the wales direction and 12mm (.48”) in the courses direction after five launderings. For comparison purposes, 100% Nomex® has more than four times longer char lengths in the wales direction and over three times longer char lengths in the courses direction. Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) results were equally impressive with a TPP rating of 34.8 after five washings. Only the PBI®/Lenzing FR® blend with PGI's Comfort Plus™ liner – 38 TPP rating, had a better rating.

Recommended for STRUCTURAL FIRE FIGHTING as well as other industries which require protection from flash fire, radiant heat, electric arc or cold weather.

Other properties of Para-Tek FR include:
  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Low thermal shrinkage
  • Excellent TPP rating – 34.8 after five washings
  • Superb  flame resistance – lowest vertical char lengths of all hood fabrics
  • Excellent Arc Flash protection (Highest arc rating of all hood fabrics) – ATPV = 34.4  HRC 3 (On double ply hoods)
  • Compliant with NFPA 70E – Current Edition.  Meeting the performance specifications of ASTM-F-1506 (On double ply hoods)
  • Excellent resistance to welding sparks and splatter – Resists pin-holing from welding sparks and splatter
  • Exceptional wear life
  • Great Value: Low initial cost, combined with long wear life
  • Comfortable: Excellent moisture absorbency – wicks moisture off skin so it can easily evaporate. Fabric also has excellent breathability
  • Lightweight – 6 oz./sq. yd.
  • Available in: Black or Natural Heather Gray 

  • Both outer shell and lining are a blend of High Strength Para Aramid/Lenzing FR®, High Tenacity Nylon  - approx. 6 oz sq yd.
  • 1 x 1 rib knit fabric - knit to allow approx. 130% stretch for maximum stretch and recovery.
  • Calendared to minimize laundry shrinkage.
  • All stitching conforms to Federal Standard 751 Specifications (FED-STD-751).
  • Major seams are flat seam assembled, stitch type 607.
  • Elastic in face opening is serged in with stitch type 504 and reinforced with bottom cover-stitch, stitch type 406.
  • Binding is applied with bottom cover-stitch, stitch type 406.
THREAD: All seams are sewn with 100% Nomex thread size Tex 40.

  • Composed of two layers throughout.
  • For a contoured fit the hood is seamed from top of face opening to back of head.
  • Face opening is circular in shape and serged with x-heavy duty ½" wide elastic around the perimeter. The elastic is then folded back ½" and cover stitched. The face opening stretches a full 16" (which is 25% more than conventional hoods) for easy donning and a snug fit around face of SCBA mask. Face opening maintains original shape after repeated launderings.
  • The bottom edge of hood is bound with self-material bias binding.    
  • Gusset added at side seams to provide complete shoulder coverage and smoother drape.

          Cobra Ultimate Hood Measurements
  1. Face opening is circular and measures between 4.6" to 5.6" in diameter
  2. Length of hood below face opening approx. 12"
  3. Length of hood at side from top to bottom approx. 17"
  4. Length of hood at back from top to bottom approx. 19½"
  5. Length of hood at front top to bottom approx. 20"
Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) 34.4
Thermal Protective Performance  
  Initial (seconds) 32.4
  After 5 washings (seconds) 34.8
After Flame  
  Initial (inches) 0 x 0
   Warp (wales) x Fill (Courses)  
  After 5 washings (seconds) 0 x 0
Char Length  
  Initial (inches) 0.5 x 0.8
  After 5 washings (inches) 0.4 x 0.5
Fabric Burst Strength (N) 432.6
Seam Burst Strength (N) 807
Heat and Thermal Shrinkage  
  After 5 washings .30%
Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) 29
Melt or Drip when exposed to flame None
  • One size fits all
  • Each hood is clearly labeled to identify material contents, NFPA acceptance, UL Classification, Date of Manufacture, and Care Instructions. Included with each hood is a complete user’s information guide.
  • Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards
  • UL classified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971-Current Edition; Compliant with CAL-OSHA Sections 3406 and 3410(d) and OSHA Rule 29 CFR, Part 1910, 269.  Compliant with NFPA 70E-Current Edition and meets performance specifications of ASTM-F-1506.  ARC Rating:  34.4 – Hazard / Risk Category: 3

          Para-Tek FR Tri-Blend

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