Reveal RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera

Reveal RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera

Reveal RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera Reveal

Reveal RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera

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The RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera offers police forces and security organizations an easy, reliable, and effective way to record and manage video evidence.

Designed for use by police forces and security organizations, Reveal’s RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera makes recording and managing video evidence simple, scalable, and secure.

Camera Features:

  • Fully articulated camera head (260° horizontal, 60° vertical)
  • Front-facing screen to help deter aggression
  • Simple one click record
  • On-camera video and audio playback
  • Encrypted usage log
  • Automatic file uploading and battery charging via cable or docking station
  • Includes Digital Evidence Management Solution software(DEMS)
  • IP54 weatherproof design
  • Rugged camera case
Close-up of the articulated head of Reveal Media's RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera

Multiple ways to mount and use the camera
Highly versatile, the RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera can be worn on the user’s body, mounted in the user’s car, or set up as a standalone camera (e.g., for recording during interviews). The camera can be mounted on a user’s clothing with a horizontal or vertical crocodile shirt clip, police Klikfast, or lanyard, or in a car using a suction mount.

Close-up image of the record button and video and audio playback buttons for Reveal Media's RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera

Intuitive design
Every aspect of the camera and software has been designed to make it easy-to-use. To record, just pull the big red sliding switch down, which makes it easy to operate while wearing gloves and without needing to see the camera.
The camera’s 2” color LCD screen displays footage as it is being recorded, which has been proven to deter aggression. Should the situation require more discretion, the camera can also be switched into stealth mode to record without the screen display or lights.
While recording, users can mark the footage they take as evidential, enabling for efficient automatic filing when the footage is uploaded to Reveal’s Digital Evidence Management Solution software. Furthermore, the on-camera video and audio playback buttons allow users to review video footage while still on the field.

Evidence management made simple
Every Reveal body worn camera comes with Reveal’s cutting-edge Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) software, which provides users with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for managing the video evidence they record. Video files will only load and play on a computer running DEMS, thus protecting your videos from unwanted viewings.
When a body worn camera is connected to a computer with DEMS open, videos are automatically imported into DEMS and deleted from the camera. Users can then use DEMS to quickly and easily take stills and clips from video recordings, export videos directly or burn them to a CD or DVD, and much more.

Front-facing screen has been proven to reduce aggression
Reveal focuses strongly on deterrence of incidents and ease of use. Cameras with front-facing screens are proven deterrents of aggression. When citizens can see themselves on screen, there is an immediate impact and demonstration that their actions and conduct are being recorded.

Recording Resolution: Full HD
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Recording Capacity: 8+ hours
Encoding Technology: H264 (video), MPEG-4 (audio)
Data Transfer: USB 2
Memory: Internal (8GB)
Dimensions: 100 mm high x 56 mm wide x 26 mm deep
Battery Life: 2.5 hours of continuous recording with screen on, using the camera’s internal Li-ion battery
Camera Vertical Rotation: 60°
Camera Horizontal Rotation: 120°

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