Elkhart Brass Select-O-Matic Nozzle Tip

Elkhart Brass Select-O-Matic Nozzle Tip

Elkhart Brass Select-O-Matic Nozzle Tip Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass Select-O-Matic Nozzle Tip

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1" FNH1.5" FNH2.5" FNH
10-75 gpm60-200 gpm75-325 gpm
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75 psi100 psi
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with Pistol Gripwithout Pistol Grip
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Made In USA

Pressure-regulating Select-O-Matic® nozzles automatically adjust to fluctuating water flow to maintain effective pressure and a consistent fire stream in all flow ranges.

Elkhart’s patented, completely unobstructed waterway allows more gpm at lower pressures than any competitive brand. All models flush easily without shutting down and provide constant flow on either fog or straight stream, making them ideal for the application of AFFF foam. Corrosion resistant; no lubrication required.

The Select-O-Matic series of handline nozzles are the most efficient and effective fire suppression tools available to the fire service today. The automatic mechanism in each of these nozzles assures you of a superior firefighting stream throughout the flow range. The constant flow feature assures you of the same gallonage throughout the fog and straight stream patterns. This helps make Select-O-Matics ideal for use with foam eductors and the application of AFFF and Class A Foam. A built-in flush feature allows passage of debris from the nozzle without shutting down.

These nozzles are constructed of durable, lightweight Elk-O-Lite and stainless steel, and are designed to give you many years of trouble-free service. All Select-O-Matic nozzles comply with the requirements of NFPA 1964, Standard for Spray Nozzles (Shutoff and Tip), 1998 Edition, as applicable to constant pressure (automatic) gallonage spray nozzles.


The ball shutoff portion of all Select-O-Matic nozzles feature double handle stops and high-strength, aluminum/bronze cast handles for rugged dependability. The horseshoe handle is large enough to allow operation with a gloved hand, while the tab handle, although smaller, is less bulky, yet easy to grip. Both handles are easy to operate.

The hydraulically balanced acetal ball within the shutoff allows for easy opening and closing of valve. By allowing water flow over and under the ball, the cutaway design practically eliminates accidental shutdown. Teflon impregnated neoprene seats give the “self-healing” advantage of soft rubber plus a lubricated surface to prevent the ball from sticking shut. These seats may be adjusted without dismantling the entire shutoff. Refer to the parts drawing for adjustment and replacement of seats.


This portion of the Select-O-Matic nozzle is protected by a heavy duty urethane bumper and controls the stream pattern selection and the flush mechanism. To change from fog to straight stream, rotate the tip to the right. To change to fog or flush, rotate the tip to the left. The tip has a fully machined waterway for greater flow efficiency. Low turbulence allows for better stream quality. This portion of the nozzle houses the stainless steel spring which activates the automatic mechanism.

Do not attempt to disassemble this “spring cell” without a special fixture. The stem can be removed, however, by removing the jam nut on the “upstream” end of the stem. The acetal spinning teeth or the optional molded urethane teeth located in the tip can be removed and replaced easily.


Many water supplies contain rust and debris which can get trapped inside the nozzle. This will cause poor stream quality and reduced water flow capabilities. When this occurs, with water still flowing, the firefighter needs only to rotate the nozzle tip to the left (past wide fog) as far as it will go. At this point the tip is in flush position and will pass foreign material. Once the debris is flushed, the tip can be turned back to original stream selection for normal operations. If the debris is too large to flush, the firefighter may have to shut down the hose line and remove the nozzle. The debris can then be removed from the base of the nozzle or from around the stem head.

Available Models:
  • SM-3F: 1" FNH base, 10-75 gpm, 100 psi, w/o grip
  • SM-3FG: 1" FNH 10-75 gpm, 100 psi, w/grip
  • SM-20F: 1.5" FNH, 60-200 gpm, 100 psi, w/o grip
  • SM-20FGLP: 1.5 FNH, 60-200 gpm, 75 psi, w/grip
  • SM-20FG: 1.5 FNH, 60-200 gpm, 100 psi, w/grip
  • SM-20FLP: 1.5" FNH, 60-200 gpm, 75 psi, w/o grip
  • SM-30F: 1.5 FNH, 75-325 gpm, 100 psi, w/o grip
  • SM-30FG: 1.5 FNH, 75-325 gpm, 100 psi, w/grip
  • STSM-20F: 1.5" FNH, 60-200 gpm, 100 psi, w/o grip
  • STDSM-30FG: 2.5" FNH base, 75-325 gpm, 100 psi, w/ grip
  • TSM-20F​: 1.5" FNH base, 60-200 gpm, 100 psi, tip only
  • TSM-30F: 1.5" FNH base, 75-325 gpm, 100 psi, tip only
  • DTSM-30F: 2.5" FNH base, 75-325 gpm, 100 psi, w/o grip
  • DSM-30FGLP: 2.5 FNH. 75-325 gpm, 75 psi, w/grip


Elkhart Select-O-Matic Nozzle

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