Lion 6

Lion 6" Gold-Coated Faceshield with Thumbwheel

Lion 6 LION StationWear

Lion 6" Gold-Coated Faceshield with Thumbwheel

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6" Gold-Coated Faceshield with Thumbwheel

Fits Legacy 5 and American Classic Helmets.

A gold-coated faceshield should be used for proximity firefighting operations.

Gold-coated reflective faceshields are specially coated tinted faceshields with reflective coating to protect the firefighter’s face and eyes from exposure to thermal and radiant heat. Gold coated faceshields are extremely dark and filter out a large amount of ambient light in addition to dangerous radiant heat waves.

Proximity Firefighting 

Specialized firefighting operations that can include the activities of rescue, fire suppression, and property conservation at incidents involving fires producing very high levels of radiant heat, as well as conductive and convective heat such as aircraft fires, bulk flammable gas fires, and bulk flammable liquid fires. Specialized thermal protection from exposure to high levels of radiant heat, as well as thermal protection from conductive and convective heat, is necessary for persons involved in such operations. Your Helmet may only be used in proximity firefighting when it has been fitted with the required Helmet cover, shroud, and faceshield, as it will not provide the required level of protection otherwise. Proximity firefighting operations might be combined with structural firefighting operations.

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