Engel AC/DC Adapter

Engel AC/DC Adapter

Engel AC/DC Adapter Engel

Engel AC/DC Adapter

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Sometimes you may need your small Engel to run at home or in a hotel - and not in your car.

For Engel's small DC only model freezers there is a solution - the AC to DC adaptor.  Plug one end of the adaptor cord into normal house current (110 and 240 VAC).  The other end is a female lighter/accessory socket (12VDC) - similar to what is in your car.  Simply plug in your Engel DC cord into this socket. 

This adaptor is only applicable for the following two Engel models MD14F and MHD13F-DM.  All the rest of Engel's larger portable models have this multi-voltage feature built-it.

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