Code 3 Universal Passenger Side Supervisor

Code 3 Universal Passenger Side Supervisor

Code 3 Universal Passenger Side Supervisor Code 3

Code 3 Universal Passenger Side Supervisor

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A New version of Code 3's highly successful front windshield interior light is now available in a Universal Version.

The Light comes in both a full Windshield and a Passenger Version. One size fits all (or almost all) vehicles and Code 3 includes multiple brackets that can be used to fit multiple vehicles.

Benefits for Passenger Only Version (SV888U & SV888U-1W)
  • The Takedown light and up to (2) Warning lights can be adjusted/aimed. No other internal lightbar has this capability.
  • The intersection light is designed so that it also gives coverage to the Driver side even though it is a passenger side only unit.
Smartly designed bracketing and rubber gaskets allow this interior light to be mounted to almost any vehicle. The SuperVisor U comes with (4) outer mounting brackets, (1) inner mounting bracket, and a set of (2) slotted mounting brackets along with threaded fasteners, and (2) types of bracket washers to fill gaps when
If your vehicles change, you can still use the Passenger Side SuperVisor U simply by transferring it to another vehicle.
Design Features:
  • Contoured for installation against the upper interior of windshield between the sun visors and glass
  • No drilling required for mounting and looks like a part of the vehicle at 2" tall
  • Torus Independent flashing LEDs
  • Independent flash patterns on each head
  • When ordered with Takedowns, the TDs are easily adjustable to the desired position
  • Can be wired to external flasher to flash takedown lights only
  • Draws less than 6 amps on average
Specs for the Passenger Only Version (SV888U & SV888U-1W)
  • Torus Lighthead Dimensions: 21.75" length x 2.12" tall x 6.87" deep (552.45 mm x 53.85 mm x 174.50 mm)
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • 12 VDC operation
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • 5-Year Warranty on LEDs

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