Saunders Foam Nest for iPad 2/3 for Letter Size Redi-Rite & Cruiser-Mate

Saunders Foam Nest for iPad 2/3 for Letter Size Redi-Rite & Cruiser-Mate

Saunders Foam Nest for iPad 2/3 for Letter Size Redi-Rite & Cruiser-Mate Saunders

Saunders Foam Nest for iPad 2/3 for Letter Size Redi-Rite & Cruiser-Mate

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Made In USA

Upgrade your Saunders Storage Clipboard to the Ultimate Mobile Workstation for your iPad

Simply peel off paper strips on back to expose adhesive. Place inside storage compartment and press firmly to bond instantly!
  • Durable foam inserts designed for Saunders Redi-Rite and Cruiser-Mate letter size storage clipboards
  • The foam nest holds an iPad 2/3 or iPad Air safely in place
  • The high density foam is designed to hold its shape, without absorbing humidity or water
  • Easy access to the On/Off button, and allows quick removal of tablet
  • Made in the USA
Easy to apply foam insert for use with Saunders Redi-Rite, CruiserMate, and CruiserMate II letter sized storage clipboards! Simply peel the adhesive backing, place, and stick, bonds instantly to the aluminum surface. Foam specifically designed to hold iPad 2/3 or iPad Air securely. A convenient thumb hole provides quick access to the On/Off button, allowing for full functionality of the iPad. The access hole also aids in easy removal of the tablet when needed. Simply pull on tablet to remove safely from foam. When inserting, press firmly around the edges of your tablet to ensure the iPad is securely nested in the foam insert.
Create your own mobile office! Functionality for the mobile person is so important in today's world due to the increased use of tablets and other devices to enhance the working experience. That being said... it is still critical to take notes, sign documents and collect receipts, no matter where your job takes you! The Saunders Foam Nest is designed for the mobile person working in the field. The combination of tablet and clipboard will be beneficial across all industries such as public safety, transportation, manufacturing, facilities management, healthcare, the trades and many more! Police officers and firemen can document with ease using both the iPad and hard surface for note taking. Handymen and insurance underwriters can work in the field with one storage clipboard that holds their paperwork, writing instruments and iPad.
Police officers, fire officials and emergency first responders can upgrade their existing product to be even more productive. The convenience of a tablet will help contractors, plumbers and electricians calculate costs more effectively while in the field while still having a hard surface to complete forms. Great for home service professionals and insurance personnel who often work away from their desk. If you've used Saunders CruiserMate, CruiserMate II or Redi-Rite for years and are looking for an upgrade, this is your solution! Upgrade your existing Saunders product to safely store your tablet, documents, writing instruments and more. The high density foam is designed with you in mind. Specifically designed to retain its shape, the foam is long lasting and will not absorb water or humidity. Feel confident that your tablet will be protected from the elements inside your aluminum storage clipboard. The high density crosslink polyethylene foam will not stretch, shrink or become misshapen always allowing for a snug hold. 
DISCLAIMER: We offer no warranty against damage to your device.


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