Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Arm

Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Arm

Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Arm Simulaids

Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Arm

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The SMART STAT Amputated Bleeding Moulage Arm, designed to attach to the SMART STAT bleeding feature, simulates major trauma that demands tourniquet use. 

Moulage for STAT Simulators This graphic explosion wound for the left arm of the SMART STAT offers detailed enhancements to challenge any practitioner’s level of care. From missing muscle and bone, to flesh avulsions, fatty tissue and bone ends, the details demand aggressive care and treatment.

The arm consists of a molded moulage piece with a structure that offers simple connection to the existing IM injection site of a SMART STATpatient simulator. The blood supply line from the SMART STAT’s left shoulder connects quickly, without blood splatter, to the moulage, and has pressurized blood flow to create a messy wound. Proper application of a tourniquet will halt the blood flow. Can be used with the STAT line of patient simulators. External blood supplies must be used if not attached to the SMART STAT.

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