Zero Tolerance 0909 George G-10 Folder 3.8”

Zero Tolerance 0909 George G-10 Folder 3.8”

Zero Tolerance 0909 George G-10 Folder 3.8” Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance 0909 George G-10 Folder 3.8”

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Made In USA

Durable, ergonomic, and easy to deploy and use, Zero Tolerance’s 0909 George G-10 Folder is an excellent knife to carry with you on your adventures.

Designed in collaboration with Les George, creator of the popular Talos custom knife, the 0909 George G-10 Folder features a distinctive look defined by its curves: the rounded index finger contour, the machined scoops at mid-handle, and the deep arc leading to the blade tip. The 3.8” S35VN stainless steel blade is strong, wear-resistant, and corrision-resistant, and its sharp, reliable blade edge will last for a long time. The machined G-10 handle is strong, lightweight, resistant to temperature changes, and contoured for a sure grip. Extra-thick liners on the handle make the 0909 extremely stable and rigid and provide a secure liner lock that keeps the blade open during use. A reversible (left/right), tip-up, deep-carry pocketclip allows the knife to ride comfortably low in the pocket for convenient everyday carrying.


  • Made in the USA
  • KVT ball-bearing opening system
  • Manual flipper
  • Secure liner lock
  • Extra thick liners
  • Reversible (left/right), tip-up, deep-carry pocketclip
  • Steel: S35VN with stonewashed finish
  • Handle: Textured G-10
  • Blade length: 3.8 in. (9.7 cm)
  • Closed length: 4.75 in. (12.1 cm)
  • Overall length: 8.5 in. (21.6 cm)
  • Weight: 7.5 oz. (212.6 g)

S35VN Steel Blade
Crucible’s S35VN modifies the formula of S30V for enhanced toughness and resistance to edge chipping with no loss of wear resistance. Its formula promotes the formation of niobium carbides along with the vanadium and chromium carbides. It provides a sharper, longer-lasting edge.

KVT Opening System

  • A manual opening system
  • Enables smooth and easy one-handed opening of ZT’s heavier blades, even without a spring or torsion bar
  • Uses ball bearings to enable the blade to glide out of the handle

The KVT opening system is a manual opening system that enables smooth, easy blade opening without the use of a spring or torsion bar to “assist” the blade out of the handle. Instead, the KVT system uses a series of ball bearings that surround the pivot point of certain ZeroTolerance folding knives. As a knife user pulls back on the flipper blade intrusion or pushes outward on the thumbstud, the ball bearings rotate so that the blade glides out of the handle then locks into place, ready for use.

G-10 Handle
Most Zero Tolerance knife handles are made of G-10. This epoxy-filled woven glass fiber is extremely stable, unaffected by temperature changes, and can be decoratively tinted, ground, and polished. Its durability and stability makes it the material of choice for many Zero Tolerance knife handles.

Liner Lock
The liner lock is the most common of today’s blade-locking systems. In knives with locking liners, the handle consists of two metal (usually steel or titanium) plates (the “liner”) on either side of the blade. Handle scales, which can be made from a variety of materials, such as G-10, cover the plates. When the knife is opened, one side of the knife’s liner, often called the lockbar, butts up against the backend of the blade (the tang) and prevents the blade from closing. The lockbar is manufactured so that it angles toward the interior of the knife, creating a bias for the locked position. To close the knife, the knife user applies manual force to move the lockbar to the side so that the blade is unblocked and can be folded back into the handle. The liner lock provides a secure and convenient way to make using a Zero Tolerance folding knife as safe as it can be.

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