Harrington LDH Hydrant Valves

Harrington LDH Hydrant Valves

Harrington LDH Hydrant Valves Harrington

Harrington LDH Hydrant Valves

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Excellent for boosting pressure on long hose lays or for boosting low hydrant pressures.

The lightweight hydrant valve enables the first-in pumper to lay LDH directly from the hydrant to the fire and when hose lay is completed, start flowing water from the hydrant. If additional pressure is required, another pumper can connect to the Hydrassist valve and start pumping to raise pressure and flow without interrupting the established water supply. The valve provides an emergency shut-down capability.
Choose from a variety of sizes of Storz or NST connections.

The friction loss on the Hydrassist is as follows:
  • 1,000 GPM = 3.36 PSI
  • 1,200 GPM = 4.86 PSI

Dimensions: 13”H x 12.75”L x 17”W
Weight: 25 lbs


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