Sterling FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit

Sterling FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit

Sterling FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit Sterling Rope

Sterling FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit

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FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit

Quality components are the backbone of any kit or system, and Sterling has been making the best for over 20 years. However, simply having good pieces is not enough. They need to be thoughtfully integrated to ensure they function efficiently. By choosing a Sterling kit or system, you can be certain that the components will perform flawlessly together, saving time and effort regardless of the job at hand.
  • FCX Device
  • SafeD Carabiner
  • 50’ SafeTech Rope
  • Lightning GT Hook
  • Tech Extension Lanyard
  • Pocket Bag
Safe, controlled descent is critical to escape systems. It’s also important that the descent control device is auto locking, easy to use with either hand, and has good modulation characteristics.

The FCX is Sterling’s newest and most advanced descent control device. It uses a unique cam feature that allows smooth modulation so the user can easily control the speed of descent with one hand and a click-to-neutral feature allows for easy horizontal movement. Side rails prevent glove and sill interference and a spring-loaded handle stays out of the way until needed, which prevents snagging and tangling. NFPA 1983: Escape Descent Device
The SafeD carabiner is made from lightweight aluminum and features a removable captive eye pin allowing a rope with a sewn eye to be attached to it at any time. These rugged aluminum carabiners are the critical junction between the harness and the descent device. Pin prevents unauthorized disassembly and keeps the carabiner oriented to prevent cross-loading. NFPA 1983.
The Lightning GT Hook weighs less than 8 ounces. The aluminum Lightning GT Hook offers a functional design with an innovative wire gate for secure and rapid remote anchoring. The design of the Lightning Hooks helps take the guesswork out of the most fundamental step of the creating a fail-safe anchor.
Made of 7000 series, aircraft grade aluminum and CNC machined to Sterling's exacting specifications, the Lightning Hooks are certified to hold loads up to 3000 pounds at the tip. When combined with one of Sterling's descenders—either the venerable F4 or their new FCX—and any one of their Fire Escape ropes, the Lightning GT creates a versatile, exceptionally easy to use system for rapid egress. NFPA 1983: Escape Anchor.

The Tech Extension Lanyard is constructed out of a hollow-braid Technora cord for superior heat resistance. An extension tether between the carabiner and the descent device to allow the system to be stowed and prevent accidental deployment. Certified as part of escape systems when girth-hitched or sewn to descent device.

SafeTech 8.0 mm Fire Escape Rope has Nylon/Technora® Core/Sheath. A Technora sheath is resistant to high heat, chemicals and abrasion, while the core provides strength, gear compatibility and better elongation to reduce anchor loads. Systems with SafeTech ropes offer the best all-around combination of strength, durability and heat resistance. NFPA 1983: Fire Escape

Pocket Bag integrates with existing hook and loop closure of any existing turnout pocket. High-abrasion and wear areas are lined with ultra-durable fabric to prevent damage to turnout gear from hooks and descenders. Also functions as a hip-mounted bag.

For many departments, the pocket of bunker pants is the logical place to carry their escape system. However, this requires a way to keep everything organized. The Pocket Bag provides this solution in a versatile and durable package. With a reversible cover flap, the bag will integrate with any turnout’s existing hook and loop closure. High abrasion and wear areas are lined with ultra-durable Orca fabric to prevent damage to turnout gear from hooks and descenders. Holds 50 feet of rope.


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