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812 Illumination 1000 Watt HID Light Balloon

$2,793.39 - $3,439.59
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Small Light Balloon for Mobile Applications produces 110,000 maximum lumens.

8:12 Illumination's 1,000 watt HID light balloon has been designed to emit the maximum amount of light while providing mobility. This model comes with a small ballast to run the HID bulb, runs directly on a 110 outlet, and a tripod is available to provide mobility.

The light balloon can be moved around wherever the light is needed with ease. An example of an application would be flagger stations where light needs to be bright, safe, and mobile. 8:12 Illumination fabricates all the light frames, tripods, and mounting arms in their metal fabrication shop so they are able to provide customers with custom lighting solutions.

8:12 Illumination has created a state of the art 1000 watt inverted HID work light for use in manufacturing facilities as well as any shop like setting. The light is designed to be able to be mounted on a stand or to be inverted and hung from the ceiling. This provides glare free, shadow free light that is ideal for inspection areas and can greatly assist the inspectors in performing their tasks.

Even in facilities with standard lighting, such as fluorescent, 8:12 Illumination’s light can greatly improve visibility, which enables labor and other cost savings.

  • Revolutionary design with 1,000 watt HID lamp that emits up to 110,000 lumens
  • The bulb socket is held by ridged springs that allow the light to withstand vibration when attached to construction equipment, such as a paver
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant balloon
  • Withstands 45 mph winds
  • Great for year-round use. Works great in extreme heat as well as extreme cold
  • Fan in the base cools the bulb as well as inflates the balloon
  • Patent pending magnetic safety switch turns off bulb if fan stops running
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Modular, if the light frame is damaged, use replacement parts instead of replacing the entire light. Competitive models require replacement
  • There is an aluminum cage around the bulb and frame that provides protection for the bulb
  • Extremely mobile and can be plugged directly into a 110 outlet
  • Can be attached to a small generator on a roll cart for easy mobility, great for flagger stations or anywhere where diffused lighting needs to be mobile
  • Immediate restrike. Even when bulbs are hot they will turn on instantly
  • Balloon is approximately 2’ x 2’

Glare free lighting is kind on the eyes of those who have to work around it. The balloon is designed to defuse the light so it is less harsh while still providing maximum light output.

The top has a reflective material infused into it to help maximize the usable light. It is blown up by a 120vac fan that works to keep the balloon pressure up while also helping to cool the bulb.

There is also a safety switch that shuts off the bulb when the balloon begins to deflate, to ensure that the balloon never gets near the lit bulb.

The tripod is solidly constructed of steel, aluminum and fiberglass with the best quality materials. The standard tripod extends 10 feet off the ground and has a footprint of 50’’ x 50’’.

The optional tripod extends 14 feet. It is built to withstand the daily abuse of work sites as the fiberglass mast is electrically non-conductive and is manufactured to resist harmful UV rays.

It is also designed to withstand high winds through hundreds of strands of fibers which are created in such a way that flexes but does not easily break. Wiring the tripod down at all times while outside is recommended.

Lighting Data:
  • Maximum Lighted Area: 27,000 ft2
  • Maximum Lumens: 110,000
  • Light under Unit at 12 ft: 176 foot candles
  • Color temperature: 3,700 Kelvin
Electrical Data:
  • HID Lamp
  • E39 Lamp Mount
  • 1 x 1000 Watt Lamp
  • 1000 Watt
  • 12,000 hour avarage lamp life
  • 110V / 220V
  • Approximately 6 minute Restrike Time
  • 1 x 1k Ballast required
  • 3 kW Generator required
The tripod mounts are designed for quick and easy set up as well as portability. Constructed of fiberglass, steel and polycarbonate, each light is interchangeable between machine and tripod mount, giving the customer the ability to save money through mobility. This option is ideal for flagger stations as well as demolition and construction sites.

Designed and manufactured to be ideal for any job site. It ranges from 5’ to 14’ in height and higher as requested. The mast is electrically nonconductive to ensure optimum safety for all those working in the area. The whole mobile light workstation can be set up and running in no more than 5-6 minutes.

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