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LION American Heritage Helmet with Low Profile Brass Eagle Shield Holder

$1,359.59 - $1,550.59
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American Heritage Helmet with Low Profile Brass Eagle Shield Holder

The American Heritage fire helmet is a traditional-style leather firefighter helmet that combines time-honored styling and craftsmanship with state-of-the-art advancements in design, leather tanning, and composites.

The result is a low-profile leather helmet that is attractive, durable, and comfortable.

Color won't chip 
Leather offers excellent thermal protection and durability, but not all leather helmets are equal. We process our leather with the latest chromium tanning techniques. This seals the protective qualities and provides optimum heat reflection. By coloring our helmets during the tanning process, there's no paint to chip.

Fiberglass inner layer provides strength 
The American Heritage offers additional protection through our exclusive LeatherGlas molding process. This process molds the outer and inner layers of the leather shell with a fiberglass composite to deliver outstanding protection during extreme conditions. The leather is a molded one-piece construction. This is a superior to the layered process used by others.

Unique size and fit adjustment options 
Lion Helmets has engineered a complete system of adjustments into the American Heritage to provide maximum comfort and a custom fit. The patented Center of Gravity adjustment system allows you to adjust the center of gravity to your preference and keeps it there.

The ratcheting headband easily adjusts from size 5 1/2 and 9 1/2 and there are three positions for height adjustment. The American Heritage headband is also cushioned with foam and covered with sleeve leather for additional comfort. With the American Heritage, you're fighting the fire, not your helmet.

How to Fit and Adjust LION Helmets: 
Fire helmets are essential to firefighter safety. Improper fit, whether too loose or too tight, can cause fatigue, discomfort and even serious injury.

Helmet Adjustment Guide

Lion Helmets’ 9-point adjustment system provides optimum comfort and a customized fit. Straight out of the box, Lion Helmets will fit most firefighters with a simple ratchet adjustment (accommodates sizes 5.5 to 9.5). Their patented Center of Gravity™ adjustment system allows firefighters to adjust the Center of Gravity™ to their preferred balance and keeps it there.

  • Bourkes (Bourkes are not NFPA and discount an NFPA certification if installed)
  • Goggles (ESS Goggles)
  • 4" Shield
  • Bourkes & Goggles (not NFPA)
(Faceshield configurations come standard with the Low Profile Carved Eagle front holder.)

Eye Protection Combinations (Goggles with the Bourke eyeshield):
Effective 8/30/2013 Conway/Lion helmets manufactured with Goggle & Bourke combinations will no longer come with an NFPA sticker as this combination does not meet the 2013 NFPA standard.

6" Leather Fronts are sold separately.

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I purchased this helmet with great expectations, however after having it for a while I am still greatly disappointed with it. It is extremely heavy, even for a leather helmet, it's also bulky and fits very poorly.

Good quality but heavy


Awesome helmet for fire ground activity and fits well. Its a solid helmet I've had for a few years and has taken a pretty good beating. It's held together with no structural failure of the helmet. It seems to be out lasting coworkers leather helmets of different brands with similar fire exposure. A little too heavy when compared to other helmets and a lttle too bulky for MVA's or other tight spaces. Overall a good helmet. I would suggest this to someone who will use this for primarily firefighting, but not for rescue or EMS providers due to it's weight and bulky size.



I've had this helmet for about a year and its been through many fires. It's very well made and durable however the weight is almost to the point where it's ridiculous. It is a lower profile, however it seems like its very wide to make up for that. Almost like they put the helmet in a giant press and it ""fanned out"" around the brim. Ratchet system and webbing are a little cheap but durable none the less. It sits on your head okay. It could be improved but it's not terrible. Again, the biggest thing is the weight. It's served its purpose and protected me, however I'll skip buying another one.

Spend extra and get the New Yorker


Have had the helmet for 7 years. Held up well. Does'nt sit on your head the best and is heavy. Spend $50 more and get the New Yorker

Well Broken In Conway


I have seen most people put as a con: heavy. Yes it is true the helmet has some weight to it. I have had my Conway heritage traditional for atleast 5+ yrs now. As long as you properly adjust it, and do proper PT, you don't notice the weight.

Helmet Finish


Uneven finish for high dollar helmet. Maybe thats the norm, expected better.

Best Lid I've Used Yet


Previously I've used a Cairns 1010 and a Morning Pride Ben Franklin II. I prefer the Conway over both of these. It may be a bit on the heavy side, however it is very balanced which makes up for that...almost making the weight difference negligable. The suspension system is much better quality and more personalizable than the others I've used. Overall it has a more durable feel than composite traditionals. Unless I run into catastrophic problems it's the only lid I'll be wearing.

yes to conway helmets


I have wore a Paul Conway leather for the past 10 of my 18 yes of service and while they are heavy compared to composites they wear very well compared to other leathers. So much I've just ordered a new natural leather to retire my old one. Nothing really bad to say about it.

no thanks


Had two of these. Heavy. Not a leather helmet. The newer one does sit on the head better. If you have an option to with the Cairns of Phenix

new manufaturing is terrible


I have had a Paul Conway American heritage for 11 years, is still a great helmet in great shape after many many working fires. I purchased a new one 2 weeks ago as a replacement/backup and 1 fire left the cheap plastic parts warped to the point that the helmet is unwearble. I am extremely disappointed with the new construction and wouldn't but it again. buy a phenix



Not a leather. For the cost, why not get a true leather? This is a knock off helmet. Plastic with a thin leather layer on the top

No issues whatsoever.


Got this helmet as a gift upon promotion in 2006. Stood up well to years of use and abuse.