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Avon Protection CBRNCF50 Filter



CBRNCF50 Filter

The CBRNCF50 CE filter canister is intended for use by first responders, in conjunction with full face masks when attending known or potential CBRN incidents. The filter is also suitable for use during incidents involving Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) such as chlorine or ammonia and in atmospheres where riot control agents such as CS or CN may be present.

The product is a conventional circular filter with a standard EN 148-1 screw thread.

The filter canister conforms to European Standard EN 14387:2004+ A1:2008 class A1B2E1K1P3.

Additionally, the filter canister has been tested against the chemical warfare agents (CWA) Sarin (GB), Hydrogen Cyanide (AC), and Cyanogen Chloride (CK), with test results demonstrating a capacity equivalent to typical military filters.

Construction Materials
The canister body is made of a modified polyphenylene etherpolystyrene blend (PPE&PS), which is a high-quality engineering
construction polymer. It provides a very robust product that is extremely durable against shock and impact in operational use. The canister body is black in colour and has a spark finish to reduce reflection.

Gas adsorption is by chrome-free activated charcoal impregnated with metallic salts and other compounds to provide a balanced performance against both physically and chemically adsorbed species.

The high-efficiency filter element is made of PTFE, PET/PE.

The CBRNCF50 CE is entirely non-ferrous and non-magnetic.

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