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BW Technologies GasAlertMax XT II GasAlertMax XT II Confined Space Kit



BW Technologies GasAlertMax XT II GasAlertMax XT II Confined Space Kit

Unleash the Power of Safety with the BW Technologies GasAlertMax XT II Confined Space Kit!

Are you ready to take control of confined space safety? Look no further than the GasAlertMax XT II Confined Space Kit. This comprehensive kit equips you with everything you need to monitor and maintain a secure work environment.

Key Features:

  • GasAlertMax XT II Detector: Harness the cutting-edge technology of the GasAlertMax XT II detector, capable of monitoring % LEL, O2, H2S, and CO levels. With unparalleled accuracy, you can trust this device to keep you informed and secure.
  • Power Adapter: Stay powered up and operational with the included power adapter. No need to worry about running out of battery during critical moments.
  • IR Connectivity Kit: Seamlessly connect and communicate with your GasAlertMax XT II using the infrared connectivity kit. Effortlessly download data and streamline your monitoring process.
  • Hydrophobic and Particulate Pump Filters: Tackle tough conditions with confidence. The kit includes five hydrophobic and five particulate pump filters to ensure your detector performs optimally, even in challenging environments.
  • Sampling Probe: Precision matters. The included sampling probe allows you to take accurate samples, providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions.
  • Calibration Gas and Regulator: Maintain accuracy with the supplied calibration gas (2.5% CH4, 18% O2, 25 ppm H2S, 100 ppm CO) and 0.5 LPM regulator. Keep your GasAlertMax XT II finely tuned for peak performance.

Why Choose the GasAlertMax XT II Confined Space Kit?

  • Safety First: Prioritize the safety of your team and yourself with a state-of-the-art gas detector that leaves no room for compromise.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect, download, and analyze data effortlessly with the GasAlertMax XT II's IR connectivity kit, offering you convenience and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Kit: This kit is a one-stop solution, providing you with all the essential components to monitor, detect, and respond to gas levels in confined spaces.
  • Trusted by First Responders: Join the ranks of first responder professionals who rely on BW Technologies for top-notch safety solutions. When it comes to confined space safety, trust the brand that stands out.

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