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Black Diamond 16" Comfort Fit Rubber Boot, Insulated

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Black Diamond's 16" Comfort Fit Rubber Fire Boots provide maximum protection with all-day comfort and support.

The Black Diamond Comfort Fit Form ("Last") used to construct the 16" Rubber Fire Boots has been designed for maximum comfort and accurate fit. In addition, the Enersole System includes a high-density polyurethane midsole that absorbs energy.

The second layer of comfort includes an Ortholite breathable polyurethane footbed that provides all-day comfort. The footbed fabric cover absorbs perspiration and is removable for fast drying.

Each pair of boots includes Ortholite® footbeds, which provide unmatched comfort and are the best footbeds in the fire service.

Try a pair and feel the difference.

  • Black Diamond Comfort Fit Form ("Last") has been designed for maximum comfort and accurate fit
  • Enersole System includes a high-density polyurethane midsole that absorbs energy
  • Single-density polyurethane orthotic footbed provides all-day comfort
  • Footbed fabric cover absorbs perspiration and is removable for fast drying


  • Comfort System: Comfort Fit Plus, with Enersole
  • Boot Height: 16"
  • Upper Midsole: 2.0 mm High Density Rubber with calendared fabric
  • Lower Midsole: 6.8 mm Coated Felt
  • Insulation: 6.0 mm Open Cell Foam
  • Leg Lining: Kevlar/Nomex with 1.2MM Coating
  • Leg Lining Stitch: Lining includes backstitch
  • Toe Lining: 1.4 mm Net Lining Calendared Coated
  • Tibia Protection: 3.0 mm Heavy Corrugated Roll
  • Steel Toe: ANSI - Z41-1999 Standard
  • Midsole: Stainless Steel
  • Shank: Triple Ridge Steel
  • Outsole: Molded Rubber K-Lug Design
  • Footbed: PU orthotic, fabric covered, removable
  • Pull-On System: Cotton Drill Friction Coated with Spread Cotton and Nylon Net
  • Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1910, 156(e)(2) effective July 1, 1992
  • Cal OSHA title 8 G150 Section 3408 effective April 30, 1985
  • NFPA - 1971 - 2018: Edition Standard for structural fire fighting
  • NFPA - 1992 - 2018: Liquid splash
  • CSA - Z195 - 92: Protective footwear

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

I would buy these again & again


For grass & house fires,& fire rescues

Black Diamond boots


Will use them in winter to push snow at the fire station and as grass fire boots with my coveralls.

Met my needs


These boots were for 2 new firefighters in the state certification program. They are being beat up. The cost of the boot was the right choice for training use and they will be replaced by a leather boot in the future.

walk a mile in these boots


Since I am a retired firefighter, I use the boots as winter wear for snow shovelling and walking my dog


"do these have a out of date rating,or they new ?"

I have never heard tell of a out of date rating, the boots were made to meet the NFPA standard at the time of mfg, and will be honored as such as long as they are in service as a fire boot. Just because they have an updated standard which they do every 3 to 5 years, as long as the boots meet the standard at the time they were made they are still a NFPA boot.

"How do the widths run--is ""M"" really closer to narrow; since they don't have a narrow size I suspect this is the case. Thanks"

The ""M"" means medium width, I have found that over the years a FF wears a work sock/heavy sock more so than they do with their normal foot wear, if you need a narrow width try the ""M"" with the heavy sock, also be sure of your size or try a couple different sizes.Maybe if you wear a size 6 try a 5.5M see how that feels, what i'm suggesting is that you go a half size smaller in a medium before you make a choice.

"what size diameter is the calf area of the boot? will it fit over a 21 inch calf?"

If you are asking this question that leads me to think that you have had this problem in the past and are trying to find a quick fix. In all my years in this business the only way we have ever solved this type of problem was to have the FF do a tracing of his foot/feet, take a tape measure and go around your foot in the heel area the ball of your foot, and your calf. it you call or e mail with your e mail address I can send you the paper work for this, return it to me and we will forward it to the boot mfg. Now having said all of this if we do this, these boots will become a special order and non-returnable, I'm throwing all of this out there for you so were up front on everything.

"How much do these boots weigh?"

These boots weigh 9 Lbs. They could be more or less on some sizes, but expect them to be around 9 Lbs.

"Just need to know if this is Made in USA? or where's this made from?"

Tina, direct from the manufacturer; Rubber boots are made in Malaysia, Leather boots are made in China.

"If I wear a size 13 boot would I wear a 13 in this fire fighter boot or would I need to get a size 12"

Over the past several years the leather bunker boots have changed the way they have been made, now the boots are made to fit the same size as the sneaker you wear. if you are wearing a size 12 sneaker than that's the size i would go with. Don't forget the width.

"Do these come in a wide calf model?"

Tomcat this boot has an opening of 22 inches, how does that work for you? What size opening do you need? email me back at this e mail address with your answer;

"are there any special handling instructions for the comfort fit rubber boots? i.e. do I need to do anything to keep them from cracking like old rubber does?"

Richard, all rubber boots are going to crack over time (we mean over a long time), keep them clean, are you wearing them for fire fighting? If so use soapy water on them when you return to the station. NFPA is telling us to keep your TOG clean, well do the same for the boots, after all they are part of your TOG

"Do they meet the ARFF and NFPA?"

They are NFPA 1971 standaer certified,

"I assume the size chart is an equivalent for women since there is no choice for men's or women's?"

There is a size chart listed under specifications in the description.

"How can I determine whether I need a Medium width or wide width? I wear a 10.5 in sneakers and a 10 in work boots but I do not have wide feet?"

If you've never worn a wide width boot then you most likely are a medium width.


These boots do not meet that spec.

"Hello there, can I ask for the size chart for the width size of the boot?"

Unfortunately there is not a size chart available for the width of this boot.

"Should sock be worn with these and if so what type?"

Yes a sock should be worn with these. There is no specific sock for firefighting boots.

"Why don't you have a size 12 EX"

You can order this boot in a size 12XW.

"HI - Can you please confirm that these are ARFF certified?"

These boots are certified for structural firefighting.