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Blackjack BJ005 Helmet-Mount Flashlight Holder (Easy On/Off Model)



The BJ005 is the newest member of the Blackjack family and designed to allow the user to remove a light, use it in hand and reattach it easily to the helmet with a gloved hand during fire ground operations, no tools necessary!

The BJ005 still incorporates PATENTED under the brim, multiple points of contact, line of sight design found in other Blackjacks. This model is made from proprietary high-temperature thermoplastic and is adjustable and works with most round lights from 2AA, to tactical including RECHARGEABLES!

Note:Flashlight not included.
Lightweight: only 1.8oz
Tough: Made from proprietary high-temperature thermoplastic
Totally Secure: Superior patented design securely holds the light under brim of the helmet with a couple well-placed setscrews. Because the front of the light rests against the helmet, creating a second point of contact, the light firmly stays in place without the need to over-tighten the screws.
The BLACKJACK securely mounts today’s most popular handheld fire and tactical flashlights to your fire helmet, at a fraction of the cost of weapon-style helmet lights. Because it holds the light under the brim of your helmet, it’s protected against impact, snags, and dirt.

And the light is aligned closer to your line of sight for increased visibility. The BLACKJACK’s patented design and virtually unbreakable, solid aircraft-grade aluminum construction keeps your light in place. Right where you put it. Right where you need it. Right on the money.


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Broke after first use


The concept is good but the little white plastic part of the screw that holds the light broke after the first use. I would not recommend this model; I sent it back in an attempt to get the other blackjack model that is not ""easy on/easy off.""

Great light


Light works great on calls at night and during training couldn't be any more impressed. Very bright lights up a lot of the area your in

Very nice


Very nice and priced perfectly

Really intuitive design


i pre- ordered from black jack directly and once i finally received it i was surprised, the only thing that could be a problem in the future is that the product is a plastic material by i feel that i will be able to withstand the heat as long as you can yourself, with the right light this is a solid design from a reputable company and i would recommend this to anyone who would want the versatility to be able to remove there helmet light and use it in hand and re install it with a snap in seconds, this is a no brain-er for the firefighting community.

This is a great mount works well


This is a great mount very light weight and durable , I had to play with mounting positions due to my goggles instead of face shield , but once I figured that out its been great , I have the lensor led v2 dual color light in it which is awesomely me having the choice between red and white lights

Very Nice Mount


Be careful if you are expecting to use this with a CR123 battery light. My Surefire G2 is a little big, so I will not use this as its intended. The G2 does not snap in and out very easily. I mounted my G2 and tightened the set screw essentially making it a perm mount. I am recommending this to my son, who starts the fire academy next week.

Broke after 4 months


Install of Fenix UC35 to under brim of structure helmet was great. Unfortunately the mount broke after less than 4 months of use. The break is not repairable and is a complete separation from the light mount to the helmet mount. Was anticipating the material to be of heavier duty material and be more durable.

Have only put to the test once so far so goid


Seems to be a good but.

Cheap quality, flashlight is not secure


When attempting to secure a flashlight by tightening down the screw, the holder itself bends outwards instead. My $60 flashlight is held shakily and I'll be replacing the holder as soon as I can. It's already popped out twice on calls