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Blackjack Model "Full House" Flashlight Helmet Bracket



The BLACKJACK securely mounts today’s most popular handheld fire and tactical flashlights to your fire helmet—at a fraction of the cost of weapon-style helmet lights.

Because it holds the light under or over the brim of your helmet, it can protected against impact, snags, and dirt. And the light is aligned closer to your line of sight for increased visibility.

The BLACKJACK’s patented design and virtually unbreakable, 6061 Aluminum construction keeps your light in place. Right where you put it. Right where you need it. Right on the money.


New & Improved!
The new blackjack model has added the allen key to the body that tucks away so that you have it right there when you need it. Blackjack widened the new model slightly to make a better, more stable platform on the helmet, and replaced all the hardware with stainless steel with thread locker applied to keep them from backing out.

They also added nylon tips to the set screws that hold the light to reduce the damage, and provide for a better hold. The new model also has a cut out to reduce the weight and make it lighter on your helmet.

Fits most traditional and modern style firefighting helmets. Fits Pelican 4AA Stealth light series, UK 3/4AA lights, Streamlight 4AA Pro Polymer and 3AA Haz LO models.
  • Tough: 6061 Aluminum
  • Lightweight: only 2 oz.
  • Totally Secure: Superior patented design securely holds the light under or over the brim of the helmet with a couple well-placed set screws. Because the front of the light rests against the helmet, creating a second point of contact, the light firmly stays in place without the need to over-tighten the screws.
  • Lifetime Warranty

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It works.


Simple, rugged but effective. Works perfectly w/ Streamlight 4AA.