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BlastMask MASKhaze MSA G1 Training Kit



BlastMask/MASKhaze MSA G1 Training Kit

Includes; (1) BlastMask for MSA G1, (1) 10pk of MASKhaze Simulators for MSA G1

Breathing Limited Air Situational Training Mask. BlastMask® Training Regulators attach to your facepiece and simulate real-world SCBA breathing without draining your cylinders, or your budget. And now with new enhancements, including a bypass valve and slide latch that mimics SCBA functionality, it's even more true to life. So you can train like it's real. And be tactically fit when it counts.

More than 50% of line-of-duty deaths and 30% of firefighter injuries can be attributed to stress, overexertion and a general lack of fitness. BlastMask enables you to conduct multiple training and fitness exercises (with and without SCBA packs) that can dramatically improve your tactical preparedness.

As your familiarity with equipment increases, so does confidence and performance. BlastMask is an effective and ideal tool for firefighter recruitment, physical ability testing, and orientation.
  • Easy Air Bypass Valve - instant access to full air with a half turn
  • Rugged Slide Latch - attaches just like an SCBA regulator
  • Superior Construction - upgraded polycarbonate resin
MASKhaze™ ​ is an innovative solution for non hazardous blackout training for firefighters and other emergency responders. MASKhaze™ is a film with a proprietary, PATENT PENDING, effect that alters light in the same way real smoke does. MASKhaze™ has a non permanent adhesive, making it ideal for applying to SCBA masks. In addition, MASKhaze™ can be reused on average up to three times before needing a new one.
  • Reusable up to 3 times
  • Water Proof
  • For training purposes only
  • Not to be used in IDLH environments
  • 10 pack

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