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Boston Leather Fireman's Suspender, 1-1/2"

$67.99 - $81.99
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These 8-point suspenders feature two 1½" adjustable straps with roller buckles which are strong enough to hold turnout pants.

They are constructed of top grain, black leather, and are sewn and riveted at all stress points. Available in Regular or X-Large.

Size Recommendations:
  • Regular: up to 6" 1"
  • X-Large: 6'2" and taller
 These are approximate sizing guidelines. Please consider your overall body proportion when selecting your size.

Ratings & Reviews

17 reviews

These are awesome suspenders best ever


I use it for my Bunker pants. they work awesome. they never get bunched up, and easy to get on when in a rush.

Great suspenders


Very Comfortable suspenders I like Boston leather Products and have seen one of my friends in my department have leather suspenders theses suspenders are really nice and lightweight worth the money I got the ones with the reflective tape on it.

Great suspenders, check sizing


These are a well built suspender that will last a long time. When you first get them they are pretty stiff and rigid, but quickly soften up over time. Make sure you consider your body type when ordering, don't just go off the height scale for sizing. I'm 6'0"" and weigh 205. I ordered the regular size suspenders and they were too short. Make sure you compensate for your shoulder and chest if you're a built individual. Few guys on my dept. that are 6'0"" and weight between 170 and 185 had no problem with the regular size.

So far, so good.


These suspenders appear to be well constructed with good quality materials. I'm happy with their performance so far and would purchase additional sets if these wear out.

Boston Leather: Fireman's Suspender, 1-1


Compared to standard issue elastic suspenders, these Boston's are amazing. The best part is they don't twist on you, don't droop, and hold up your bunks properly. Great fit and look good.

Good choice



Love em


I'll keep it simple; how did I ever live with regular nylon suspenders all these years? Since the shoulder lengths re all attached to RINGS, they shift WITH you instead of falling off of your shoulder when you lean over. Very comfortable.

Best Christmas Gift Ever!


I received these as a christmas gift from my In-Laws last year. I'm so glad I asked for them. They are by far the best suspenders I've worn yet. Easy on and off. They don't shift around on my shoulders like the foam padded suspenders that came with my gear. Hold my bunkers up where they belong (even when wet). Haven't found a drawback yet.

You wont regret this purchase!


My Globe turnouts had the stock nylon suspenders and though they do work, they cant hold a candle to the leather suspenders. I never felt the nylons stayed up on your shoulders well and mine needed adjusting during the day. The leather suspenders fell good and snug all the time and I never have that need to re-adjust like I did with the nylons. I wish I would have bought these along time ago. Best $50 bucks youll spend

Great Suspenders!


These suspenders fit and look great. I installed them without having to make any adjustments. My old ""H"" back style suspenders would fall off my shoulders whenever I was bent over (if I wasn't wearing my jacket). These leather suspenders feel good (a bit stiff at first, but still comfortable) and stay in place with any movement. The only drawback I have experienced is that they fall off my shoulders while sitting in the rig, but I can live with that.

Best investment I've made


Great product

Second set I've bought


Definitely worth the money.

Boston leather suspended straps


Best thing I have bought in a long time

to short


If you are any where close to 6 foot order the taller size.

Had to modify


I have always been a fan of Boston Leather. Quality Products! When our department switched to ""Lion"" bunker gear, I wanted a new set of suspenders for my new gear. Unfortunately Boston Leather suspenders are not compatible with our new bunker pant. I had to make some minor modifications to the attachment points. Be aware that Boston Leather produces two different types of attachments for their suspenders, neither of which are compatible with ""Lion"" (newer bunker pant styles). However, this is my third pair of suspenders from Boston Leather and I couldn't be happier now. I will continue to buy from them until I retire.


"How do they attach to the running pants? I know my Volunteer Set of gear is G-Extreme and has the loop style attachment. However I want to purchase these suspenders for my work set of gear which is an older set of G-Extreme gear with the Globe metal buttons that they attach to. Will these Suspenders work with the GX-7 Style turnout pants?"

Ok, I'll do my best here, You need a pair of 9175-X, R for regular or a XL for a person over 6' 2"", these are the button style. The Globe Extreme pants have a ""H"" back style suspender with what they call parachute adjustments in the front that you pull for adjustment, and a ""Loop Attachment"" 2 in the front (L & R) and 2 in the back (L & R), they also come with shoulder pads for comfort sitting on your shoulders.You stated the work pants have buttons for attaching the suspenders,then you should have a total of 8 buttons four in the front and 4 in the rear, the suspenders for this style pant should be what we call a 8 point or a X back style. We do have both of suspenders in stock at this time, if your interested in placing an order. Hope I've answered your question and helped you in some way.

"My bunker pants have buckle attachments, do these come in a buckle compatible version. or do you sell anyhting that would make it compatible."

Ok, I\'ll do my best here, You need a pair of 9175-X, R for regular or a XL for a person over 6\' 2\

"What are the buckles made from? I've noticed that some co-workers buckles have rusted and broken. How durable is the elastic on the back?"

They don't say what the buckles are made of, I would think they are stainless steel, and if they rust it would be from wear and tear, as far as how durable the elastic will be again we don't have an answer for that, it will depend on how often you wear the bunker pants, it all comes down to how busy a FD you run with.

"How do I get these to stop leaving black stains on my white shirts? I've been wearing them for about a year figuring there was a break in period, but they are ruining my shirts."

The following is what we were sent by Boston Leather; White shirts are an issue, especially when the leather gets warm. Our leather is dyed so it penetrates the leather top and bottom. When it breathes it can come off. Usually not much and it washes right off. Some people have more trouble. If you want I (Boston Leather) can send you (TFS) or your customer a liquid sealant and foam brush to apply an extra coat or more to see if that helps. He can send it back to us and we will apply it. It is easy and just goes on the back and sides and should work. Please let me know if there are any question. I can explain it to you customer if needed. They have given you a couple of choices..........

"Do thease meet NFPA standards?"

There is no NFPA Standard for suspenders

"Have Morning Pride gear and want to buy this set of suspenders. Do I need the ""loop"" or ""button"" one? Thanks"

We can't answer this only you will be able to, you can have the button style or the loop, send us a picture of your pants in the front where the suspenders attach, send it care of bgriffin@thefirestore.com

"Will these work with high back pants?"

I just sent you a copy of Boston Leather sizing chart, see if that will be helpful to you, I don't know of any other way to do this.

"Dear Customer Service, What do the back of these Boston Leather suspenders look like? Are they square to your back, or do they look 'criss crossed' like an X on your back? Any photos available of the 'back' view? Thank you, Joe"

The are X back and yes there are pics of front and back views. http://www.thefirestore.com/store/product.aspx/productId/12647/Boston-Leather-Fireman-s-Suspender-1-1-2-/

"I would like to know if the loop ends can be used with a belt. If it could, what is the largest belt width that will fit through the loop?"

David, I'm going to take a guess here, 1.5"" and maybe up to 2""

"I was given a pair of these as a gift with the loop attach. My gear is the button style. Can I buy the button style adapter?"

Have you used them at all, if you haven't and you still have the shipping papers that came with the suspenders, there should be a blue form that you can fill out and return to the returns department and exchange them. Call into the customer service and explain to them what the problem is and they will be able to help you .

"Are these made in USA?"

Yes, they are made in the USA.

"are they NFPA required"

There is no NFPA Standard for suspenders

"does the 8 point 'loop' suspenders have 8 separate loops or only 4 as shown in the display pic. Boston Leather website shows 8 distinct loops."

Bob, give us the part number you are looking at on Boston Leather web site, we can get them for you, send your info to bgriffin@thefirestore.com

"I am 5'10"" wear a size 50 coat weight 240 do I wear L or XL?"

Hi Dave, if I were in your shoes I would use the XL, and if it seems to long you can adjust the length the same way you do a belt.

"I have a pair and the leather leed on one of the back straps just broke apart at the connection point. Mine are only 4 years old do I have any recourse?"

Snowman, can you send us a picture of this where it has broken, we need some more info before we can answer your question, they have stated that they have an unlimited warranty, but we need the picture to show them. Send your picture to this address bgriffin@thefirestore.com, include a cell number and address.

"I have a question regarding fitment of these suspenders. I have Globe G-Xtreme turnout gear with the H style suspenders that came on them. Will these fit or do I need a different style? Thanks."

Jake we think they will fit as long as you get the model with the correct attachments, (where you hook to the pants)

"Am I 5' 7"" will a regular be to long?"

Hunter if you go by the sizing recommendations on our web page (which I have copied and posted here for you) you should use the regular. Size Recommendations: Regular: up to 6"" 1"" X-Large: 6'2"" and taller These are approximate sizing guidelines. Please consider your overall body proportion when selecting your size.

"I have been told by a lot of guys to get the XL if your close to 6 foot tall.I and 5'11 and about 190LBS and wear a size 45 coat. Should I get the XL?"

Sounds like a great idea, go with the XL model, they are adjustable if you need to.

"I have a pair of these leather suspenders and they have been great. Recently I had one of the shoulder straps break away from the O-shaped ring in the back. Will Boston Leather warranty this item or can the leather suspenders be repaired?"

You can return them to Boston Leather, they will look at repairing them for you. be sure to include your name, address, phone number you can be reached at, and a note telling them what is broken, not sure if there will be any charges that will be something between you and Boston Leather. be sure the return address is included also. Below is return address for Boston Leather; Boston Leather, Inc. 1801 Eastwood Drive Sterling. IL 61081 Attn: Ken Burgess (800) 733-1492

"I bought a pair of leathers for my old fire gear years ago, and absolutely loved them. I was recently issued a new set of Lakeland turnout gear that uses a snap that goes through two loops instead of a button, so now they are obsolete. Will your loop style attachments fit my new Lakeland gear?"

Scuffy, yes they should fit like they were made for them