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Boston Leather Truckman's Belt Optional Equipment Ring



This Ring is a favorite option with your truckbelt.

Drop an axe or halligan bar through the ring and up the ladder you can go with free hands. Easily attaches to your truckbelt.


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This was purchased as a gift and the recipient stated that it was very useful in organizing tools.

Good idea, bad execution


The product works but doesn't work. I am on a busy truck company and generally bring in 2 to 3 tools to every fire given my city location. Throwing my axe in my belt works good for when i can't or don't want to carry it or am going to the roof. However, it can also be a pain to get it out of my belt given how tight I keep it, or when crawling or climbing over object there is very little give. I wanted something that would allow for that give but also allow for access my axe both when using it and when putting it away. On the plus side, the ring technically works, the axe fits in it great and i can slide it in and out with ease. Not he negative side, due to the length of the leather strap the axe bounces around a lot and the handle tends to get caught in-between my legs or if I'm crawling the axe will slide out of the ring. Also, because the axe isn't nearer to my belt it tend to pull down on my belt much more allowing it to drag on the ground or get in the way (I'm not terribly tall 5'11"" but I'm not a short guy either). I think that if the strap was shortened so that the ring was still close tot he belt is would be better, also either having a smaller ring or allowing for a different sized ring to be put in its place would be better. Like I said, great idea but not as practical as it would seem. Might be better for a lighter tool, flashlight, or bailout hook to attach to possibly.