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Bourke Eyeshields With Hardware Kit Included

$37.59 - $48.59
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The traditional flip down Bourkes fit on all traditional style fire helmets.

Includes attachment hardware with easy install directions. Optically correct. It gives a clearer vision, better distance and enhances night visibility. Available with following lenses: clear, smoke tinted, yellow tinted and high heat (slightly tinted).

Works great!


I am a career firefighter in Moore, Oklahoma we don't use this type of helmet we use the I call the ugly turtle shell but, I use my Cairns traditional helmet every September in OKC 911/Stair Climb and love it.

Great item


Durable as usual.

Hanging in There


I bought these because I was tired of my old viser falling in my face when on a scene. Unfortionatly the spring that is supposed to hold them up and out of my face is not strong enough and I had to put a peice of velcro between the rim of my helmet and the visors to hold them up.

Very reliable


Easy to mount. On a composite helmet i used it on my 1010 and had to mount it myself and it worked great

Just as expected


exactly what I was looking for

cant go wrong


This product is more than just eye protection it can also act as an extinction to the brim of your helmet to deflect water and light debris.



My guys go through these quite often in firefighting operations. These are quick and easy to switch out.

Great product easy Install


Easy to install, fast and looks great! Price was even better, everyday use

Awesome shield for use in all conditions


Love the shield as it shields my eyes from the sun yet allows me to see well in dark conditions.

Good but somewhat faulty.


The spring has started to let go in less than a year. Lenses do not stay stay up all the way.

Classic look and style


Bourkes are a great classic look on a helmet, that being said it is important to remember they are NOT compliant, and if you need anything more than quick simple eye protection it's time to break out the googles!!!



Love the BOURKES, but the hardware was absolutely awful very very cheap screws for the price of set. Other than that great instructions and delivery.

Not as good as they used to be.....


The eye shields sag while in the up position, I'm guessing due to a weak spring. They don't seem to be the original ""Bourkes"" brand.

Flip-Up Eye Shields w/ Hardware


Flip-ups must be accompanied with goggles. Protect the only eyes you'll ever have!!!

Excellent!! Easy installation.


Excellent!! Easy installation. Enhanced visibility.



They are cheaply made and broke the first week I owned them. Very disappointing and you don't get you money back after you put them in service .



Lightweight and a lot better than using the half shield

easy install


Put them on my traditional in 5 min and was ready to go

Great Traditional look


Love them and the easy install for that great traditional look!

Simple to change


I was able to remove the old face shield on my helmet and add these and ESS goggles and immediately noticed a decrease in weight and an increase in visibility. Very easy to install looks like it was installed from the factory.

I still do not have what I ordered.


I ordered the Eye Shields several weeks ago and I still do not have them. When I called customer service they cannot provide me with an expected date for shipment. I have the new helmet with no Eye Shields.

Great product, slow shipping


Product was perfect

Good product but a long time to recieve it


Exactly as described

good for the money!


Great product. Not heat rated.

love them bourkes


Good durable product. Bourkes are less in the way for those who like putting a light in there band on the helmet.


"So this kit included all necessary screws and parts to attach it to the helmet? I want to make sure I wont have to go out and buy like some screws and nuts or some other stuff to make sure that I can put them on my helmet and have to pay more."

Yes, all the hardware is included.

"can this be used on a cairns ten ten? I had a full face shield but want to install just the eye shields."

Yes they can be used on all the traditional helmets like the 1010 model. Keep in mind now that if you remove your face shield from the helmet your helmet will no longer be a NFPA compliant helmet, at this point in time Bourke flip down eye protection does not meet NFPA standards

"Can this fit on 1000 series helmets as well? and what is the install process like?"

Yes, The traditional flip down Bourkes fit on all traditional style fire helmets. Since the 1000 is a traditional style helmet, your good to go. You will need a drill motor, a 3/16"" drill bit, and a phillips head screw driver, follow the directions that come with bourkes, and you shouldn't have any trouble.

"Will these Bourke eyeshields work on a Cairns Metro 660C helmet?"

No this will not fit on a modern style helmet like a 660, the Bourke eyeshields are for the traditional style helmets.

"Is this compliant with NFPA?"


"will these work with the ben 2 helmet?"

Yes you can add this (Bourke's) to a Ben II helmet, were not sure why you would want to do this though, when Morning Pride have their own EZ flip downs that are NFPA approved where as the Bourke's are not NFPA. But to answer your question yes they will fit the Ben II

"Is this compliant with NFPA?"

No it is not NFPA compliant. These would be your second line of defense so you would also need goggles or saftey glasses.

"Is this compliant with NFPA?"

with the bourkes alone no

"will this work with the ben 2?"

Yes it will

"I installed the bourke eyshields on my 1044. When I removed the old mounting harware for the visor I had to remove the retainer clips for the impact cap. Is there a secondary way to fasten the impact cap? Or will the addition of mounting hardware for goggles help?"

Can't you reuse the retainer clips you took off? I guess I'm not following you here, you removed a face shield or a defender visor, and added the bourkles flip downs? Did the instructions say you had to remove this to install the bourkles? When I looked at a 1044 helmet here I don't see how the flip downs interfere with where the face shield is mounted, and if all you wanted to do was do away with the face shield you take it off and reuse the hardware that was there?

"Will this work for the Cairns 1044???"

Yes they will fit the 1044 helmet, understand that if this is going to be the only eye protection on the 1044 it will no longer be NFPA, Bourke flip downs are not certified to meet the NFPA standard.

"Will this fit a Paul Conway American Classic helmet?"

Yes, they will fit all traditional style helmets, but if you use them as your only eye protection the helmet will not be NFPA, you will need the 4"" face shield or an approved set of eye goggles to become NFPA approved

"Will these bourks fit a Cairns N6A Sam Houston Helmet?"

Yes they should, but keep in mind that you will still need the face shield or ESS Goggles to keep the helmet NFPA

"Will these bourks fit a cairns N6A Sam Houston helmet?"


"will this product work on a bullard ust helmet with trak light system ?"

Yes, Bullard offers it as a option on their helmets with the Trak system

"I have a Carins 1010 helmet. It came with goggles on it and I want to put Bourke Eyeshields on it. I was wondering if they would be compatible with helmet. I notices the two screws that go in under the name plate. My helmet does not have these. Do I have to drill holes in the helmet or is there another way to install them?"

Yes you can add the Bourke Flip Downs to your 1010 helmet, and you have to drill holes in you helmet. As far as you not having the 2 screws in the bottom of your helmet, if they aren't there how is the helmet front being held to the helmet? The 2 screws are what attach''s the bracket to your helmet for your front.

"Will this Bourke fit a Cairns 1010 fire helmet?"

The traditional flip down Bourkes fit on all traditional style fire helmets. Includes attachment hardware with easy install directions. Available with following lenses: clear, smoke tinted, yellow tinted and high heat (slightly tinted). Includes attachment hardware with easy install directions. Optically correct. It gives a clearer vision, better distance and enhances night visibility. You can find all of this on our web site

"will these not alter the helmet and make it not NFPA compliant after you drill holes in your helmet or how does that work in the end with the NFPA stuff?"

Hello Blaze, If you have a helmet that meets NFPA 1971 (ie, it has goggles or a faceshield), adding bourkes will not change that. It will still be NFPA certified. NFPA considers bourkes an ""accessory.""

"Are these Bourkes ANSI and NFPA compliant"

Pete, they are NOT NFPA approved, they are OSHA

"Will these fit on the morning pride Ben 2 traditional helmet?"

Yes they are suppose to fit ALL traditional style helmets, now having said that understand even though a Ben II helmet is an NFPA helmet, by removing the eye protection that came with that helmet and replacing it with a pair of the Bourke's it will no longer be a NFPA helmet. Bourke's are OSHA approved only, not NFPA approved. If you want to keep your NFPA certification you can add a pair of the Honeywell/Morning Pride E-Z Flip Downs to your helmet, these flip downs are NFPA approved, if they are on a Ben II helmet. Are you confused now? Bourke's are not and E-Z Flip Downs are.