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Bullard: Firedome LTX Helmet with TrakLite Integrated Helmet Light, NFPA 1971

$373.99 - $384.99
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LTX Thermoplastic helmets with TrakLite continue 20 years of technological and engineering expertise.

With an integral LED lighting system that’s safe, smoothly balanced, snag-proof, and always ready to light your way.
  • M-PACT Shell with SmartRidge design
  • High-heat thermoplastic outer shell
  • Quick-Attach Blade system
  • Comfortable Sure-Lock ratchet headband
  • Balanced 4-point nylon crown straps and crown pad
  • Convenient TrakLite™ lighting system is smoothly integrated into the structure of the helmet
  • 8 LEDs provides smooth, even light over a wide area for safer navigation and other operations
  • Bullard Structural Helmets with factory-mounted TrakLite meet NFPA 1971, 2013 requirements
Helmet lighting has never been more convenient or better suited to so many situations. The Bullard TrakLite™ LED Helmet Lighting System is smoothly integrated into the structure of the helmet to provide safe, dependable, thoroughly functional lighting for a wide range of daily applications.

The TrakLite features eight bright, durable dome-style LEDs protected behind a heat-resistant glass, and designed to cast a smooth, evenly-distributed 38 lumens of white light over a very wide area. No blinding hot spots, dark circles, or sharp cut-off—just the diffused area lighting you need to safely navigate in dark areas, indoors or out.

With its tough, lightweight, waterproof, battery pack mounted beneath the rear brim of the helmet, TrakLite provides a safe, reliable source of light that’s snag-proof, perfectly balanced, and always available.
Simple, efficient, so easy to use. Even with a thickly gloved hand, this system is a snap to operate. Just a flick of the single rotary switch turns on both the front LEDs and the rear buddy indicator light. The energy efficient TrakLite is conveniently powered by four standard AAA alkaline batteries. Each set of inexpensive, disposable batteries provides at least six hours of continuous runtime, to a minimum 50% brightness. Batteries can be quickly and easily replaced in the field with just a Phillips head screwdriver.

Engineered for reliable performance—with safety first. The weight of TrakLite is perfectly centered from side-to-side, and distributed between the front and rear of the helmet to offer a more balanced lighting solution. With no protruding attachments, external clips, brackets, or wires, Bullard TrakLite reduces the likelihood of weight imbalance, or becoming snagged on obstructions or gear.

When properly closed its virtually unbreakable Ultrem battery pack, lighting unit, and all connections are a completely waterproof, chemical-resistant sealed system, rated for use in volatile environments and hazmat situations. You can count on your Bullard TrakLite-equipped helmet to provide increased safety and additional utility over most traditional helmet-mounted lighting. Plus it’s an excellent compliment to a more highly focused smoke-cutting hand-held fire flashlight or lantern.

 Bullard Structural Helmets with factory-mounted TrakLite meet NFPA 1971, 2007 requirements.

 TrakLite Specifications:
  • Case Material: High heat, impact resistant thermoplastic
  • Lens (front): IR-coated Borosilicate glass
  • Lens (rear): Polycarbonate
  • Light Source (front): Eight white 5mm domed LEDs
  • Light Output (front): total 38 lumens
  • Runtime: At least 6 hours to a minimum 50% brightness
  • Light Source (rear): One blue surface-mounted LED
  • On/Off: Rotary switch
  • Batteries: 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Product Weight (with batteries): 6.35 ounces, in addition to helmet
  • Certified to NFPA 1971 standards when factory installed on certified Bullard Helmet
The Firedome LTX structural fire helmet is the result of 20 years of Bullard thermoplastic technology and engineering expertise. Featuring a completely new streamlined design, LT Series helmets incorporate recommendations from leading veteran fire and federal government professionals, making the LT designed for firefighters, by firefighters. The result is an integrated assembly of advanced materials and quality components that provide industry leading head protection, and proven long-lasting durability.

Firedome LTX Features:
  • M-PACT Shell with SmartRidge design
  • High-heat thermoplastic outer shell
  • Comfortable Sure-Lock ratchet headband
  • Balanced 4-point nylon crown straps and crown pad
  • Nomex chinstrap with quick-release buckle and postman’s slide fastener
  • Rip-stop Nomex ear/neck protector
  • Leather ratchet cover
  • Removable fire-resistant, absorbent cotton brow pad
  • Quick-Attach 4” Faceshield or ESS Goggle system
  • 12 comfort settings
  • Scotchlite reflective markings
  • LT helmets meet or exceed the performance specifications of NPFA 1971-2000 as certified by U.S. Testing.
Tough and Durable Protection. Bullard Tough.
The outer shell of the LTX is made of the same high-heat Ultem thermoplastic engineered in Bullard PX structural fire helmets. Supplied in seven colors- red, white, yellow, black, blue, orange and lime-yellow- Ultem provides unparalleled impact and penetration resistance.

Quick, Easy Sizing
Sure-Lock ratchet headband offers both a quick-turn of the knob and a new, unique 3-position height adjuster to create that personalized fit for balance, comfort and a stable, positive interface with respiratory equipment.

Eye Protection Made Easy
Bullard LTX Series helmets come standard with the all new and innovative Quick-Attach Blade system. This system permits the firefighter to simply press on or off either a blade-mounted faceshield or blade-mounted goggle in seconds. This flexibility gives the firefighter the advantage of the right option for the right application without time consuming component changes.

Cost-Effective Maintenance
LTX helmets are designed from the start to make maintenance simple and cost effective. Fewer components and the greatest cost effectiveness in the industry, enhance your long term investment.

LTX Helmet Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 12 ¾”L x 10”W x 6 ½”H
  • Outer Shell Material: Thermoplastic
  • Inner Shell Material: Nylon Impact Cap
  • Suspension: 4-point nylon crown strap
  • M-PACT Shell with SmartRidge design
  • High-heat thermoplastic outer shell
  • Comfortable Sure-Lock ratchet headband
  • Balanced 4-point nylon crown straps and crown pad
  • Black inner shell (R929)
  • Sure-Lock ratchet suspension (R624)
  • Black rip-stop Nomex ear/neck protector (R721)
  • Quick-Release buckle chinstrap (R145)
  • Removable fire-resistant cotton brow pad (R634)
  • Quick-Release/postman slide chinstrap (R141)
  • Edge beading
  • Leather ratchet cover (R160)
  • LTG4XTL Models have ESS Goggle (IZ4) instead of faceshield
  • LTX helmets meet or exceed the performance specifications of NPFA 1971-2000 as certified by U.S. Testing.
Warranty: Date of Manufacture; five years on shell, ten years on non-electronic components

Leather Fronts are sold separately here.

Please Note: We can only sell this product to our customers in North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada).

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"Hi, please all product weight. Thanks you"

Product Weight (with batteries): 56.35 ounces

"is there a face shield for this helmet to custom order, and what is the cost/"

""AXE"" are you looking for a eye protection face shield? Or a helmet front for ID purposes? Eye protection comes with the helmet, the frontice can be ordered off the web page, and should be around $35.00, you have any trouble placing the order for the frontice, call into our customer service and explain to them your having a problem and they will help you.

"Good morning, Our department just received P/N LTX with track lite helmets and I would light to know what size leather front to order from your build a front piece page. I am looking at approx. 100 pieces, what discount can I receive? Thank you. John Smithgall, Fire Chief NAS SIGONELLA F&ES"

Chief, you should have gotten an e mail from our GSA, Benn G was sending you all of the info you needed

"Is a compatible aluminized ARFF cover/shroud available for purchase?"

At this time we do not offer any covers that are compatible with this helmet.