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The CHAR Boss

How it's Made
From the very beginning of the CHAR, CHAR Firefighting Tools insisted that it be American made or they would not make it at all! They utilized local craftsmen who have years of experience and only use the strongest materials, no questions.

The CHAR is manufactured out of 80 Grade steel that's made for the tough and demanding work of firefighting. Each CHAR is handcrafted by these craftsmen.
The head of the CHAR has been engineered to grip joist with its serrated droop snoot hook. With force applied in a downward motion the serrated teeth sink into the joist and create a secure hold. The top of the CHAR head was designed with maximum penetration in mind; with the sharpened and pointed head you’re easily able to advance the head through lath & plaster, drywall, and other materials.
The pole section of the CHAR is 1” round 80 Grade Steel. The pole section features three â…œ ” steps for climbing. The bottom step also acts a ceiling hook and the butt of the pole features a gas/water valve key.
  • Length: 36”
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs
  • Head: 1/2” steel with an 80,000 psi yield strength
  • Handle: 1.25 steel with a 56,000 psi yield strength
  • Step: 3/8” steel with an 80,000 psi yield strength
  • Welds: 70,000 psi yield strength

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